2018-12-05 / Sports

Walton and Stamford/ Richmondville Stay Atop in CESRPL

Walton and Stamford/Richmondville notched wins in the Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League (CESRPL) action Friday to stay tied for first place. Both teams sport a 6-1 record.

Walton defeated Delhi, now 2-5, 1,087(17X) to 1,065(16X); Sidney defeated Rockdale, 1093(19X) to 1068(14X); Stamford/ Richmondville defeated Oneonta, 1,118(16X) to 1,101(19X).

Brian MacRabie led Walton shooters with a 276(8X), Glen Bowker had 272(6X), Justin McAdams 271(2X), and Dennis Bennett shot 268(1X). Also shooting was Will Sulger, Carl Banker, Ryan Boice, Michael Noviello, John Noviello, Steve Condon, Kris Bowker, and Bill McAdams.

Delhi was led by Tom Whittaker, who shot a 274(6X), Mabel Gutliph 268(3X), Fred Stanton 264(3X) and Fred Robertson 259(4X). Also shooting was Anthony Adamo.

Sidney defeated Rockdale to improve to a 2-5 record, while Rockdale stayed in third place with a 3-4 record. High shooters for Sidney were: Vinny Guglielmo 285(8X), Phil Guglielmo 272(4X), Jim Driscoll 270(5X) and Eddie Cotton 266(2X). Other shooters for Sidney were Bruce Gerken, Denny Puglisi, David Short, Mike Terzo, Ernie Griswold, Erwin Smith III and Erwin Smith IV.

High shooters for Rockdale were: Rick Braun 273(5X), Tom Rees 268(2X), Steve Ingalls 265 (3X) and Michele Hartwell 262(4X). Other Rockdale shooters were: Joe Ocasio, Wendy Conway, Rick Jaycox, Eli Kelly, Pat Hawkins, Dave Dewey, Gerry Palmer, Jess Bouton and Steve Castle.

Stamford/Richmondville’s Harry Wyckoff led all shooters with a 287(4X), Cliff Christman 284(2X), Larry VanDeusen 276(5X), and Jason Cammer 271(5X). Other Stamford/Richmondville Shooters were: Jim Hitt, Bill DeSilva, Brian Righi, Nick Righi, Ric Cammer, Judy Wyckoff, and Mark Gifford,

High Shooters for Oneonta were: Wes Fleming 283(10X), Adam Nichols 276(2X), Ken Soden 271(5X) and Allen Nichols 271(1X). Other Oneonta shooters were: David Gerowe, Tim Donovan, Grant Labarr, Roland Groppe Jr., Laura Dohner, Wayne Jones, Genn Sullivan, Don Fleming, Ian Gallagher, and Scott May.

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