2018-12-05 / Sports

Walton Central School Student Legs Out First Half Marathon

By Rosie Cunningham

London Gardner of Walton, with his medal. Contributed Photo London Gardner of Walton, with his medal. Contributed Photo WALTON - A Walton Central School 10-year-old completed his first half marathon in November.

London Gardner of Walton, ran the Syracuse Half Marathon in 2:07:11.

“It was very cold that morning, but I was excited to finish the race and have a good time,” he said of the experience. “It was fun and exciting because everyone was cheering. The best was when I crossed the finish line and how great it felt to know I ran a half marathon.”

He added that it was his mother Alicia Gardner, who inspired him to put on his running shoes.

“My mom runs a lot and she needs a running partner,” he said. “I wanted to show everybody I could do it.”

Gardner said running helps him get in shape for his favorite sport - football. To prepare for the Syracuse Marathon, he would get home from football practice at 7 p.m. and head out for a run.

“I started with four miles at first and did more miles each week,” he said.

Gardner, who will also be taking part in track some day, got the racing “bug” and intends to continue participating in events.

“I will be running more races and I will prepare the same way and I will run with my mom,” he said.

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