2018-12-05 / Sports

Nate Craft Steps Out Onto SUNY Delhi Basketball Court

By Rosie Cunningham

Nate Craft Nate Craft DELHI - Delaware Academy 2018 graduate Nate Craft will be stepping out onto the SUNY Delhi basketball court this season.

The 19-year-old ball player was a standout for the Bulldogs and he hopes he will be able to contribute to the Broncos squad under the leadership of head coach Zach Thomsen.

“My experience has been very good,” said Craft. “It’s nice being in a very competitive environment because it makes me push myself harder than I have before.”

He discussed how playing ball at the college level is different than high school athletics.

“It’s very different,” he said. “The competition level is higher and the routine is a lot to get use to. We had practices that stretched into really late nights at the beginning of the season.”

Craft, who is a 6’5” forward, said his training routine pre-season was early each morning and he made sure to “get shots up” in between classes.

“Then, we would workout after classes in the afternoon and play pick up games in the evening,” he said.

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