2018-07-11 / Arts & Entertainment

Andes-Margaretville- Roxbury Open Studios Tour Is on July 28-29

On Saturday and Sunday, July 28-29, the annual Andes- Margaretville-Roxbury Open Studios Tour will be held from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Twenty-nine artists, working in all artistic disciplines and styles will open their studios to the public and show their working spaces. This will be a self-guided tour, and the locations are marked with black and orange roadside signs.

In Andes are Ken Hiratsuka on 34325 state Highway 28 and Roshan Houshmand at 495 Main Street. In Arkville are Amy Masters and Ted Sheridan at 222 Chris Long Road.

In Fleischmanns are Alan and Lesley Powell at 993 Main Street,

In Halcott Center is Anthony Margiota, 355 Greene County Route 3.

At Halcottsville are Robert Axelrod at 261 Halcottsville Road, Rosamond Welchman at 266 Halcottsville Road, Sharon Suess at 239 Halcottsville Road, and the Wawaka Grange Hub of Agnes Freas, Oneida Hammond, Rebecca Andre and Simona David. In Margaretville are Barbara Alyn at 806 Main Street, Gary Mayer at 40 Church Street, Gary Mead at Fruitful Furnishing at 1289 Southside Road, Patrice Lorenz at 359 East Hubbell Hill Road, and Lisbeth Firmin at 785 Main Street.

In Roxbury are Adam Conen at 53856 State Highway 30, Deborah Ruggerio and Gail Freund at 54096 State Highway 30, Ellen Wong at 121 Shephard Lane, Esther deMong at 50 Maple Lane, Frank and Helene Manzo at 54091 Main Street, Berda van Leeuwen and Peter Yamaoka at 777 Carroll Hinkley Road, Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes at 424 Carr George Road.

Visitors may buy directly from the artists, and witness the creation of new works of art.

The event is funded by the Delaware County Department of Economic Development and the Tourism Advisory Board, the Lindsay A. and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation, the 29 participation artists and their 35 community businesses. Additional community support is from the Longyear Galley in Margaretville and the MARK Project.

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