2018-06-13 / News

Hobart Fire Chief Weighs In on EMS Shortage

By Rosie Cunningham

HOBART - “EMS is falling all over the state and I hope something is done,” said Hobart Village Fire Chief Ken Muthig. “We have to go to paid services.”

During the May Stamford Town Board meeting, supervisor Mike Triolo, said he met with representatives of the towns of Harpersfield, Grand Gorge and Gilboa, regarding plans for emergency transportation and EMT services and he is planning on moving forward.

The Stamford Joint Fire District (SJFD) covered parts of Kortright, Harpersfield, the town of Stamford, Jefferson, Gilboa and the village of Stamford. As of April, towns and villages mentioned above are to determine a suitable provider for their EMS services.

“In our emergency squad, we are down to two or three of us,” said Muthig.

Although there are 35 active members on the Hobart Department fire crew, that does little to help when an EMS is needed.

“If CMT (Cooperstown Medical Transport) isn’t around, we have to call and call and call,” added Muthig. “We are all down. We are all in crisis.”

Muthig owns his own business and operates it with his family. He said that when an accident occurs, business is shut down for the day and that option cannot continuously occur.

“It takes hours (about 150) to be certified and to continue education,” he said. “I believe people do need to pay for the service - otherwise, it can cost a lot of time and some lives.”

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