2018-06-13 / Letters

Vote for Flynn

Our current Republican congressperson, John Faso, has voted repeatedly to take away health insurance from millions of people including thousands in Delaware County. He even voted to take away millions of dollars of funding for CHIP in order to make a tiny dent in the deficit created by the Republicans’ tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

On June 26 registered Democrats can vote for candidates in the crowded Democratic congressional primary.

Only one candidate has a long history of organizing for Medicare for All, Brian Flynn. It is nice that several others also now support that, but because we don’t have ranked voting, we need to coalesce around Flynn who has the best chance of defeating Faso in the general election and has a record. Otherwise we might get a flawed candidate who merely claims to be for “universal healthcare,” a euphemism for all are eligible – if you can afford it!

Medicare for All is the least expensive proposal that covers everybody while letting you choose any health-care provider. And it keeps your boss and everyone else out of your private health issues and allows you not to be held captive to a job that might offer meager health insurance. Most developed nations offer it and have better quality care than our 37th ranking.

Only one other candidate has signed the Off Fossil Fuels (quickly) pledge. But again, Brian Flynn has a history organizing for environmental protection.

Please vote for Brian Flynn and keep the domestic internet spy, Ryan, and the lawyer for the largest US lobbying firm, Delgado, from being the Democratic candidate for the 19th Congressional District.


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