2018-05-15 / News

Democratic Congressional Hopefuls Impress the Crowd at Delhi Debate

By Tom Coddington

DELHI — The seven Democratic candidates for the 19th Congressional District debated one another on Saturday evening in the auditorium at Delaware Academy Central School, and all seven impressed a good crowd of area Democrats and other voters.

All of the candidates listened to a format, which was put together by the DA debate team, and two members of the team, Jasper Koopa and Miles Phillion, assisted Moderator Kay Stuligross with handling the questions, and also had questions of their own. The topics were social security, clean water, small business, farming, protection, and college tuition. The candidates answered the questions well, and their thoughts were mostly the same.

The seven candidates, Brian Flynn, Dave Clegg, Jeff Beals, Erin Collier, Antonio Delgado, Pat Ryan and Gareth Rhodes, also had to answer questions of one another. All of the candidates gave reasons why he or she should win the primary which will be held on Tuesday, June 26.

They also all agreed that the current member of Congress for the district can be beaten, and stressed that they could all do that.

Many of those in the congregation had their favorites, while many more said, “All of them spoke well and were well prepared. It’s going to be difficult to say who should win.”

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