2018-05-15 / News

Andes Town Board Approves Final Local Flood Analysis Report

By Tom Coddington

ANDES — During its May 8 meeting, the Andes town board resolved to accept the final local flood analysis (LFA) report for the hamlet of Andes.

In 2015, the board appointed a flood advisory committee, and the town enlisted the services of Barton and Loguidice, DPC to conduct the analysis, to investigate options for flood reduction and resiliency projects with the hamlet in order to qualify it for funding through certain programs for flood mitigation and resiliency.

Since that time, there have been several public and community meetings with the committee, so that the public would be involved. The final meeting was held on May 4.

The board recognizes that any projects to be implemented will be embarked upon with the support of the public within the community, and the board will maintain a “willing property owner” position any project effecting a specific property.

It also recognizes the need to implement flood resiliency and mitigation projects, in order to maintain tax-base, the economy and, most importantly, the wellbeing of the hamlet’s residents and businesses. It further will embark on finding funding for any such feasible project, and report to the public any progress made and goals as prescribed in the local flood analysis.

In 2017, the board created a comprehensive steering committee to be comprised of seven members, one from the board, two from the planning board, one from the business community, one from the agricultural community and two town residents. The board member will be Ritchie Gabriel, the planning board Frank Winkler and another to be named, the business member Alex Wilson, the agricultural member Lauren Atcher, and town residents Cindy Taylor and Suzanne Gladstone.

In the privilege of the floor, there were four individuals who spoke. Marianne Greenfield discussed a Wolf Hollow burial site, Mary Davis and Joe Damone spoke about a music and food festival in Ballantine Park (which was approved by the board), and Ann Roberti, who spoke about planters at the railroad station, suggesting railroad ties, which the town owns. The board later moved to authorize the building of the planters.

Town pool director Rachel Andrews reported that there will be 11 lifeguards, and another application. The Delaware County Department of Works will use its trash pump to finish pumping the pool. The pump house has been cleaned out and garbage was taken to the transfer station.

Building inspector and code enforcement officer Artie Short reported that he had completed 16 inspections; four violations, all have been cleaned up; completed four C/O searches and completed three final inspections and C/Os for all; and six new permits, one for a new home.

Town Clerk Kimberly Tosi stated that she has developed an updated procurement policy. She said that it will bring the town up with new requirements made available by state law.

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