Editor’s Note: Ms. Crane’s letter is in reference to an article that was published in the March 20, 2018 issue titled “Delaware County Sheriff Named Victim in Alleged Assault” (available online to subscribers). The Reporter does not publish names of minors when they have been arrested or convicted of a crime. In this particular case the minors were not arrested nor were they convicted of a crime; their names were made available as public record when they were listed on the felony complaint filed with the court by Delaware County Sheriff’s Deputy Erwin. Making their names public allowed for their inclusion in our reporting. The Publisher advised Ms. Crane that while The Reporter was not wrong in listing the names of the minors, the article may have been just as effective without them. As for the article in question being one sided, we reported both sides of the case. The article included reporting on the details of the alleged assault as recorded on the felony complaint, comment from District Attorney John Hubbard and comments from the defendant’s attorney. The Reporter encourages letters to the editor and will continue to follow this story and provide factual information that the publication has become known for as a trusted source of news. ~Editor

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