Boys’ Basketball: Franklin vs. SK at Stamford

In response to the Corey Sparkes incident at the boys’ basketball game on Feb. 23, Franklin against South Kortright at Stamford school: I would like the truth to be known. I was there with my son and his two buddies and we sat right behind Corey Sparkes in the bleachers, yes close enough to see and hear everything. First, I would like to say shame on Lillian Browne and Katherine Sparkes for printing all those lies. And shame on the Walton Reporter and Randy for allowing minors’ names to be published in the Walton Reporter. Even though per Randy, the owner of the Walton Reporter he agreed it was not their practice to print minors’ names and it was wrong of them to do it, but they did nothing to correct the issue. The article written by Lillian Browne was very one sided and full of lies! I would be very interested to know how much Corey Sparkes lawyer paid Lillian Browne to print the lies! Thanks to Corey Sparkes a day of cheering on our Franklin basketball team turned into a nightmare. The whole game Corey Sparkes continued to bully, insult, belittle and swear throughout the game. At one point it got so out of control that Mrs. Dengler the South Kortright principal acknowledged the issue but chose to do nothing. By the end of the game Corey Sparkes was out of control yelling and screaming. That is when Sheriff Craig DuMond approached Corey Sparkes and calmly introduced himself and asked Corey to come with him. At that point Corey made it very clear with a few explicit words to Sheriff DuMond he did not care who he was and grabbed Sheriff DuMond. At that time several other people jumped in to help control Corey till the State Troopers came over and assisted. I just wanted to make it known to everyone what really happened as I was there and Katherine nor Lillian were present at the game.

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