2018-05-01 / Opinion

Ask; Research; Vote

This year Delaware County will have a unique opportunity to effect real change in our government by simply getting out there to vote in the primary elections and in November. It has been easy for us to assume that we have no voice on major issues around the country, leading to frustration and division between the parties and fighting amongst ourselves on the issues, while feeling powerless to resolve any of them. We also have been fed so much misinformation, conflicting viewpoints and concerted deflections of attention from matters that should concern all of us. It has become exhausting to get a handle on what is happening on the issues that really matter.

In 2018 we are in a position to vote for our representative in the U.S. Congress currently held by John Faso and, as we’ve seen lately, right now every Congressman’s vote counts. This is an environment where historical changes are being made daily by the difference of one or two Congressional votes. Currently there are a dizzying number of candidates (seven) as well as the incumbent in district 19 (ours), and they are all trying to get their message out to Delaware County voters. The primary election for this race is to be held June 26. Let’s give them that chance and come to the various “meet & greets” being held all around our area. Come see what they stand for and ask the questions that are important to you.

Jeff Beals, David Clegg, Erin Collier, Antonio Delgado, Bryan Flynn, Garreth Rhodes, Pat Ryan.

Check out their websites, come to the “meet & greets” and choose your candidate in the primaries. Don’t just pick a nice name. Know who you are voting for and make a real difference.



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