2018-04-03 / Opinion

Cleanup Should Start Now

The vote narrowly defeating Resolution #64 at the March 28 meeting of the Board of Supervisors was only the beginning. Residents of the County are taking a closer look at decisions that will influence them for years to come. While we hear of growth in population in Delaware County, the U.S. Census showed about 48,000 residents in 2000. Their estimate for 2017 was 45,000. That’s fewer for the whole County than in Binghamton. While a few are painting beautiful pictures of a “legacy,” others are seriously looking at the price tag and the cleanup of the present site. That cleanup is not addressed in what has recently been referred to as Phase #1. We’re not exactly sure what number phase will include the cleanup, but it does include licensed professional asbestos removal, buried fuel tank removal, and at least two “fuel dump” removals. Fuel dumps were a method to get rid of excess or used fuels in the last century. Fuel from tanks, drains, or dumps which have ‘leached’ in the surrounding soils requires removal of that soil, also. It’s all expensive. Very expensive! This should not be put off while some wonderful new building are constructed. It’s not a case of “Mommy, I’ll clean up my mess after dinner.” This clean up is something that should be addressed now if even the thought of moving is being entertained. Let’s really consider the future generations, not with beautiful structures, but with using all of these available grants to clean up the messes and not pollute future generations.




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