2018-03-27 / Letters

Fan in the Stands

After a recent occurrence at a local basketball game involving the Sheriff and a civilian, I believe it’s imperative to take the perspective of a concerned citizen involved in this matter. Should we be worried that the Sheriff or any officer not on duty, nor in uniform, or presenting himself as an officer can treat residents of this county as criminals and attack someone from behind? If an officer offduty is watching a high school basketball game and observes fans getting wound up, most of the public would expect him to address himself properly as an officer and speak to that person or persons that he believes is acting inappropriately, instead of putting his hands on that person and leaving noticeable marks on the individual’s neck. And to top it off, handcuff, arrest, and charge this individual with extremely serious charges. As citizens of this county we are very concerned that someone who we expect to “protect and serve” us can get a free pass to treat someone this way. I am not the only one who’s extremely disgusted by the Sheriff’s unacceptable behavior and feel passionately that the residents of this county are aware of this as well. This could have happened to anyone, and that is a scary fact to accept. In small, tight-knit communities like ours, we need to look out for one another. Please keep events like this and the character of candidates into consideration at re-election time.



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