2018-03-06 / Opinion

Crouch Speaks up for State’s Veterans

On March 2, area Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch called Governor Andrew Cuomo to restore the original eight days of paid medical leave to combat veterans, which was removed by a new bill (A.8931) passed this week. The legislation had been passed by both houses of the legislature last year. Last year’s bill would only be signed into law by the governor on the contingency that the legislature repass the legislation this year, removing three days of medical leave, dropping the benefit from eight to five days.

The legislation states that these sick leave days are to be used for any and all periods of absence, during which an individual utilizes health care services directly related to his or her military service. Crouch has been vocal about his concerns with this cut, and stated his grievances about the issue.

“It appears that the governor wants to save money for his $168-billion budget at the expense of our veterans,” Crouch stated. “Last year, both houses of the legislature had passed a bill almost identical to this. Unfortunately, the governor thought we provided too much time to the brave men and women who served our country. I find it disgraceful that he would reduce the medical leave these brave men and women so rightfully earned. I strongly encourage the governor to reconsider his decision; I will continue to fight him on this, and will not stop until the original eight days are restored,” he concluded.

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