2018-02-13 / Sports

Walton Pistols Keep Lead of League

The Walton Pistol Club remained in first place in the Central Empire State Rifle and Pistol League with a 14-1 record after a 1,112 (14X)-1085 (8X) victory over Rockdale, which is now 3-12. Elsewhere in the league, runnerup Stamford/Richmondville improved to 13-2 with a 1,107 (22X)- 744 (10X) win over shorthanded Sidney (5-10), and Oneonta (8-6) posted a 1,096 (14X)-1,001 (8X) win over Delhi (0-15).

Walton’s Justin McAdams was the high shooter for the team with a score of 283 (7X) and was helped out by Glenn Bowker’s 280 (3X), Dennis Bennett’s 282 (2X), and Brian MacRabie’s 268 (2X). For Rockdale, in a losing cause, had the league’s high score for the night by Tom Rees with a 285 (4X). Following him were Rick Braun at 274 (1X), Dave Dewey 266 (1X) and Steve Ingalls (2X).

Also on the firing lines for Walton wee Dan Bennett, Bill McAdams, Kris Bowker, Al Budine, Gary MacRabie, Will Sulger and Steve Condon. Also shooting for Rockdale were Pat Hawkins, Gerry Palmer, Michelle Hartwell, Eli Kelly, J.P. Dewey, Dave VanValkenburg, Rick Jaycox, Wendy Conway, Joe Ocasio and Bill Compton.

Cliff Christman paced the S/R shooting with a 282 (7X), followed by Harry Wyckoff 278 (4X), Nick Righi 274 (4X) and Brian Righi 273 (7X). Sidney’s shooters were Bruce Gerken at 261 (5X), David Short at 255 (1X) and Ernie Griswold 228 (4X).

Also on the firing lines for S/R were Larry VanDuesen, David Ferris, Jan Hornbach, Jamen Darrah, Judy Wyckoff and Matt Ferris.

Don Fleming topped Oneonta’s scoring wih a 279 (4X), Adam Nichols had 275 (6X), Charlie Lowe 264 (2X) and Al Nichols 262 (2X). The high shooters for Delhi were Fred Stanton 265 (2X), Mabel Gutliph at 255 (3X), Dennis Klimowski 254 (2X) and Fred Robertson 227 (1X).

Also on the Oneonta firing lines were Scott May, Charlie Rose, Ian Gallaghier, Tim Donovan and Roland Groppe Jr. There were no other Delhi shooters.

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