2018-02-13 / News

Hamden Town Board Met Despite Snowstorm

By Sara Andros

The Hamden town board braved the inclement weather on Feb. 7 to hold its monthly meeting. They had a full agenda of items to address.

After listening to a presentation made at the January meeting by Maureen Blanchard, the project director for Healthy Schools and Communities, the board voted to adopt a Complete Street Policy for the town. The Hamden Town Planning Board was appointed to be the Complete Street Advisory Board. The main goals of the Complete Street project are to encourage walking and riding for exercise, to make streets easier to navigate for the elderly and disabled, and to help the environment by decreasing automobile usage.

The board determined that Complete Street designs and practices should be used for new construction and in maintenance and reconstruction projects except when the highway superintendent determines that the cost is excessive or the existing right-of-way does not allow for sidewalks, paved shoulders or other Complete Street improvements.

Supervisor Marshfield reported that he met with Carl Fancher and Walt Geidel from the Walton Fire District, and Laura Bomyea from Young-Sommer Law Firm. They reviewed the Fire Protection District maps and made minor modifications. Marshfield has requested that the Delaware County Tax and Mapping Department determine what the difference in cost would be for the residents in the affected area if they are in the District instead of the Fire Protection District.

The town of Hamden board voted in support of a town wide reevaluation of property assessments. Assessor Tina Moshier spent hundreds of hours collecting data which was a prerequisite to doing a reevaluation. The town of Hamden has also been saving for four years to cover the costs of the reevaluation. The re-evaluation will occur primarily in 2018 with the goal of March 1, 2019 taxable status due date.

The board also voted to approve the following highway expenditures for 2018:

• General repairs: $140,000 with approximately $80,000 being spent on fuel, leaving $60,000 to spend as needed.

• Permanent improvements: $259,384 of Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) money

• $24,000 for approximately .5 mile of Ridge Road: two-inch pavement

• $33,000 for approximately .7 mile of mid Basin Clove Road: triple seal/coat with a gravel base

• $48,000 for approximately 1.5 miles of Munn Road to double seal/coat it

• $14,400 for .3 mile of Reed Road to triple seal/coat with a gravel base

• $10,560 for .22 mile of Howard Road to triple seal/coat with a gravel base

• $28,800 for .6 mile of Ed Wright Road to triple seal/coat with a gravel base

• $64,000 for 4 miles of upper Basin Clove Road to single seal/coat

• $35,924 for miscellaneous culvert pipe, cold patch etcetera.

In other business:

• The board voted to give NYSEG the go-ahead to upgrade the streetlights in the town. The cost for the upgrade to 67 watt LED lights would be $1,036.43 for DeLancey and $759.86 for Hamden. These costs would be recouped in energy savings within 1.82 years for DeLancey and .78 years for Hamden.

• Adjustments were made to the town hall rental fees: Partial use of kitchen will be $75 for non-town residents and $25 for residents. Full use of the kitchen will be $50 for Hamden residents and not-for-profit fundraisers. The full kitchen use fee will be $100 for non-residents.

• On Jan. 22, the books of the supervisor, town clerk and town justice were audited and all were found to be in good accounting order.

• Superintendent of Highways Roger Dibble reported that the new truck should be in by the end of this week or the beginning of next. He also said that the rear went out on the one-ton truck and a new one is coming from Connecticut. Dibble told the board that he would like to buy a hydraulic hose machine that would cost around $5400 including the fitting. Supervisor Marshfield said he would check to see if he can find a better price.

• The Schoolhouse floor was discussed and the board said they thought it should be kept as historically accurate as possible and suggested linseed oil be used on it.

• The board established standard work days for elected and appointed officials and will report the days worked to the New York State and Local Retirement System.

• The “No Smoking Policy” was reviewed and no changes were made.

• Alice Blackman would like to put up a First Baseball Flag display in Hamden.

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