2018-02-13 / News

Baby Wipes Cost Walton Sewer Users $100,000

Walton’s sewer plant on South Street. Walton’s sewer plant on South Street. WALTON - At the request of Delaware Engineering, Walton trustees indebted district sewer users $80- $100,000 for the replacement of a grit screw - machinery “worn out” by baby wipes coming through the wastewater treatment plant, at a meeting of the village board on Feb. 5.

The cost will be offset by a $50,000 state grant awarded to the village through the efforts of Senator John Bonacic.

In addition to those funds, trustees approved the expense of an additional $50,000, to purchase a backup pump and make lighting repairs at the sewer plant, bringing total bond costs to $150,000.

When asked, neither board members or the village clerk was able to answer how many sewer users the costs would be shared by, nor what the cost of the upgrades would be for each sewer district user.

Bill Brown of Delaware Engineering said it was likely that the ultimate unknown cost, which includes engineering fees and interest fees, would be paid back over 10 - 15 years, the average expected life of the purchased equipment.

Trustee Teresa O’Leary implored sewer users not to dispose of baby wipes in toilets. Instead, she said, baby wipes should be disposed of in the trash. Though baby wipes are marketed as flushable, they are not biodegradable and in addition to clogging the sewer system, damage equipment, and create additional maintenance tasks for sewer plant employees.

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