2018-02-13 / Academics

CV School District Residents Pass Portion of Proposed Building Project

By Rosie Cunningham

DAVENPORT -­One of two propositions passed for the Charlotte Valley Central School (CV) building project which was voted on for the third time Feb. 1.

Proposition 1, which totals $7,450,000, includes locker and roof replacement. Proposition 2, at the cost of $3,595,000, includes improvements to the cafeteria, kitchen, library, STEM room and additional rooms.

According to CV Superintendent James Harter, Proposition 1 passed with a vote of 161-111. Proposition 2 did not pass with a 129-142 vote.

Despite the rejection of half of the proposed project, Harter said he was “happy” with the outcome.

“We are very happy with the outcome and the positive response we received,” he said. “We will sit down with the board of education and the architects, to plan the phases, but our roofs and parking lot are at the top of the list.”

The scope of the project on which residents voted included 400 retractable seats and a multipurpose tennis and recreational area, improvements made to the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, the nurse’s office, the art room, the tennis court and reconstruction and replacement of the main drive and south lot, pavement, sidewalk and curb replacements and improvements, window and exterior door replacements and heating upgrades, renovations to the elementary gym and auditorium, renovations to the BOCES room and computer room, locker and roof replacements and additional improvements.

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