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NOTICE OF FORMATION OFLIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYUNDER NEW YORK LIMITED LI-ABILITY COMPANY LAW 1. Thename of the limited liability com-pany (“LLC”) is CEH PROSPEC-TIVE LLC. 2. The date of filing ofthe Articles of Organization withthe Secretary of State is November15, 2017. 3. The County within theState of New York in which the prin-cipal office of the LLC is located isDelaware. 4. The Secretary of Stateof the State of New York is herebydesignated as agent of the LLCupon whom process against it maybe served. The post office addressto which the Secretary of Stateshall mail a copy of any processagainst the LLC served upon himor her is: 80 Griswold St, Walton,New York 13856 5. The characteror purpose of the business of theLLC is any purpose allowed by law.

Notice of formation of Odin StoneLLC (“”LLC”), a limited liability com-pany. Articles of Organization filedwith NYS Sec’y of State on 9/14/17.Offices located in Delaware CountyNY. Sec’y of State designated asagent upon whom process againstLLC may be served. Sec’y of Stateshall mail a copy of such process toNewell Turner, 1930 New Road, Bo-vina Center, NY 13740. Purpose: toengage in any lawful act or activity.

Pencello LLC, Arts of Org. filedwith Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)11/28/2017. Cty: Delaware. SSNYdesig. as agent upon whom pro-cess against may be served & shallmail process to Altschul & Altschul,18 E. 12th St., #1A, NY, NY 10003-4458. General Purpose.

SIDNEY ACQUISITIONS LLC. Arts.of Org. filed with the SSNY on11/17/17. Office: Delaware County.SSNY designated as agent of theLLC upon whom process againstit may be served. SSNY shall mailcopy of process to the LLC, PostOffice Box 190170, Brooklyn, NY11219. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OFLIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYArticles of Organization of StockConstruction, LLC (“LLC”) filed withthe Secretary of State of New YorkSSNY”) on November 29, 2017,effective on the date of filing. OfficeLocation: Delaware County. SSNYhas been designated as agentof the LLC upon whom processagainst it may be served. SSNYmay mail a copy of any process tothe LLC at 37090 State Route 23,Grand Gorge, New York 12434,which shall be the principal busi-ness location. The purpose forwhich the LLC is formed is to en-gage in any lawful act or activity forwhich limited liability companiesmay be organized under the NYSLimited Liability Company Law.

Notice of formation domesticqualification of A&S Sidney Prop-erties, LLC. Articles of Org. filedwith NY Secretary of State (NS)on 10/12/17, office location: Dela-ware County, NS is designated asagent upon whom process maybe served, NS shall mail service ofprocess (SOP) to URS Agents Inc @one commerce Plaze 99 Washing-ton Avenue, STE 805A Albany NY,URS Agents Inc is designated asagent SOP at one commerce Plaza99 Washington Avenue STE 805AAlbany NY, purpose is any lawfulpurpose.

Franklin Main Street LLC, Arts of Org.filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)12/8/2017. Cty: Delaware. SSNYdesig. as agent upon whom processagainst may be served & shall mailprocess to Po Box 73, Franklin, NY13775. General Purpose.

Blackbear Ridge, LLC, Arts ofOrg. filed with Sec. of State of NYSSNY) 12/13/2017. Cty: Delaware.SSNY desig. as agent upon whomprocess against may be served &shall mail process to Carina Roma-no, 2451 Tulip St., Philadelphia, PA19125. General Purpose.

Notice of Formation of Clark Broth-ers Capital, LLC. Arts. of Org. filedwith Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on12/11/17. Office location: DelawareCounty. SSNY designated as agentof LLC upon whom process againstit may be served. SSNY shall mailprocess to: c/o The LLC, 41155State Highway 10, P.O. Box 427,Delhi, NY 13753. Purpose: any law-ful activity.

LEGAL NOTICENotice of formation of Cruise In-novations, LLC (“LLC”), a limitedliability company. On 12/15/17Articles of Organization were filedwith NYS Sec’y of State. Officeslocated Delaware County. Sec’yof State designated as agent uponwhom process against LLC may beserved. Sec’y of State shall mail acopy of such process to Carol Am-mirato, PO Box 173, Margaretville,NY 12455.

Notice of Formation of The Krin-sky Group LLC. Arts of Org. filedwith NY Secy of State (SSNY) on12/4/17. Office location: DelawareCounty. SSNY is designated asagent of LLC upon whom processagainst it may be served. SSNYshall mail process to: 61 Broadway,Ste 1800, Manhattan, NY 10006.The name and address of the Reg.Agent is Rabinowitiz, Boudin, Stan-dard, Krinsky & Lieberman, P.C.,61 Broadway, Ste 1800, Manhat-tan, NY 10006. Purpose: any lawfulactivity.

NOTICE OF SALESUPREME COURT: DELAWARECOUNTYHSBC BANK USA, NATIONALASSOCIATION, AS INDENTURETRUSTEE OF THE FBR SECURI-TIZATION TRUST 2005-2, CALL-ABLE MORTGAGE-BACKEDNOTES, SERIES 2005-2; Plaintiff(s)vs. FRANCES S. FLATT; MARC E.FLATT; et al; Defendant(s)Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s): ROS-ICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES,P.C., 2 Summit Court, Suite301, Fishkill, New York, 12524,845.897.1600Pursuant to judgment of foreclo-sure and sale granted herein onor about October 13, 2017, I willsell at Public Auction to the high-est bidder at 3 Court Street, Delhi,New York.On January 26, 2018 at 10:00 am.Premises known as 484 MACMORE RD, ROXBURY, NY 12474Section: 111. Block: 2 Lot: 8.1ALL that tract or parcel of land,situate, in the Town of Roxbury,County of Delaware and State ofNew York.As more particularly described inthe judgment of foreclosure andsale.Sold subject to all of the terms andconditions contained in said judg-ment and terms of sale.Approximate amount of judgment$199,668.10 plus interest andcosts.INDEX NO. 2014-705Jeffrey S. Altbach, Esq., RefereeNOTICE

OF SALESUPREME COURT: DELAWARECOUNTYFEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGEASSOCIATION; Plaintiff(s)vs. WILLIAM J. PICINICH; et al;Defendant(s)Attorney (s) for Plaintiff (s): ROS-ICKI, ROSICKI & ASSOCIATES,P.C., 2 Summit Court, Suite301, Fishkill, New York, 12524,845.897.1600Pursuant to judgment of foreclo-sure and sale granted herein onor about November 15, 2017, I willsell at Public Auction to the highestbidder at Delaware County Court-house, 3 Court St, Delhi, NY.On January 26, 2018 at 12:15 pm.Premises known as RD3 KERRSCREEK RD, WALTON, NY 13856Section: 230 Block: 1 Lot: 12.24and 14PARCEL I: ALL THAT TRACT ORPARCEL OF LAND, situate in theTown of Walton, County of Dela-ware and State of New York, brieflydescribed as follows: Being a partof Lot No. 28 in a tract of landgrated to P.V.B. Livingston and oth-ers. ALSO, ONE OTHER TRACTOR PARCEL OF LAND adjoiningthe premises above describedand being a part of Lot No. 27 insaid Livingston Patent. PARCELII: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCELOF LAND, situate in the Town ofWalton, County of Delaware andState of New York and being in theThomas D. Coulter and Vernard T.Coulter from lands lying northeast-erly of the Walton - Sidney Centerhighway.As more particularly described inthe judgment of foreclosure andsale.Sold subject to all of the terms andconditions contained in said judg-ment and terms of sale.Approximate amount of judgment$221,944.58 plus interest andcosts.INDEX NO. 2013-591Gregory L. Kottmeier, Esq.,

Notice of Formation of 17 Oak
Street LLC, Art. of Org. filed withSSNY on 11/28/17. Office loc.:Delaware Co. SSNY designated asagent upon whom process may beserved & shall mail proc.: 4992 Co.Hwy. 2, Delancey, NY 13752. Purp.:any lawful activities.

River Meadow Farm, LLC, Arts ofOrg. filed with Sec. of State of NY(SSNY) 12/20/2017. Cty: Delaware.SSNY desig. as agent upon whomprocess against may be served &shall mail process to Po Box 383,Delhi, NY 13753. General Purpose.

Notice of Formation of FH Beau-mont LLC. Arts. of Org. filed withSecy. of State of NY (SSNY) on12/04/17. Office location: DelawareCounty. SSNY designated as agentof LLC upon whom process againstit may be served. SSNY shall mailprocess to: c/o Delaney CorporateServices, Ltd., 99 Washington Ave.,Ste. 805A, Albany, NY 12210. Pur-pose: any lawful activities.

STATE OF NEW YORKSUPREME COURT COUNTY OFDELAWAREWAYNE BANK, successor in inter-est to National Bank ofDelaware County, Walton, Plaintiff,vs.LISA DELELYS and VICTOR MO-RALES, as surviving heirsat law, distributees, and/or suc-cessors in interest of HUGO MO-RALES, Deceased; PEOPLE OFTHE STATE OF NEW YORK; RYANW. MIOSEK, as Guardian ad Litemand Attorney for Defendant in Mili-tary Service to Missing Heirs;Defendants.NOTICE OF SALEIndex No. 2017-133RJI No. 2017-0055Pursuant to a Judgment of Fore-closure and Sale, duly grantedherein, and entered in the Office ofthe Clerk of Delaware County, NewYork, I, Thomas Hegeman, Esq. theReferee therein named, will sell atpublic auction on the front steps ofthe Delaware County Courthouse,3 Court Street, Delhi, New York,on Thursday, February 1, 2018, at11:45 a.m., the mortgaged propertydescribed in said Judgment as fol-lows: SCHEDULE AALL THOSE TRACTS OR PAR-CELS OF LAND situate in the Townof Roxbury, County of Delaware,State of New York, and more par-ticularly bounded and described asfollows:FIRST PARCEL:Commencing at a point in the cen-ter of State Route 30 on the line oflands of Carroll or James Hinkley;running thence in an easterly direc-tion along the line of said Hinkleylands a distance of 150 feet to aniron post driven in the ground, saidline passing over an iron post driv-en in the easterly boundary of saidhighway; thence in a northeasterlydirection a distance of 300 feet toan iron post driven in the ground;thence in a westerly direction adistance of 150 feet to the centerof said State Road, said line pass-ing over an iron post driven in theground on the easterly highwayboundary line; thence in a south-westerly direction along the cen-ter of said State Road, a distanceof 300 feet to the point or place ofbeginning.SECOND PARCEL:Commencing at the State Roadon the corner of lands now owned

by Russell Cantwell and runningthence in an easterly directionalong the line of lands of the par-ties of the second part, a distanceof 2050 feet to an iron pipe drivenin the ground; running thence in anorthwesterly direction a distanceof 1200 feet to an iron pipe drivenin the ground; running from thencein a westerly direction a distance of975 feet through the lands of theparty of the first part and along theline of lands of Archie and LeonoreMcAlonen to the center of saidhighway; thence in a southerly di-rection a distance of 600 feet to thepoint or place of beginning.There is excepted and reserved atract of land lying in the southwestcorner of the premises this dayconveyed and now owned by Rus-sell S. Cantwell. The said lot being150 feet in depth from the center ofState Route 30 and 300 feet along,paralleling the State Road.There is also excepted and re-served any rights for electric linesor telephone lines as the same arenow granted on said premises.EXCEPTING AND RESERVING apiece of land located in the north-west comer of the premises herebyconveyed and described as fol-lows: Beginning at a point on N.Y.State Route 30 located at the north-west corner of the premises herebyconveyed on the line of the Archieand Leonore McAlonen premises;thence in a southerly direction 300feet along NYS Route 30 to a point;thence in a southeasterly direction450’ to a point; thence in a north-erly direction on a line parallel withthe first course described herein toa point; thence in a northwesterlydirection 450 feet along the landsof Archie and Leonore McAlonen tothe place of beginning.THIRD PARCEL:Beginning at a point on N.Y. StateRoute 30 on the line of the landsof Robert Bradley; thence in asoutherly direction along N.Y. StateRoute 30 [150 feet] thence in asoutheasterly direction 180 feet;thence in a northwesterly direction150 feet on a line parallel with N.Y.State Route 30; thence in a north-westerly direction 180 feet alongthe lands formerly owned by Jamesand Elna Hinkley and lands of Rob-ert Bradley to the point or place ofbeginning.EXCEPTING AND RESERVINGfrom the above described premisesall that portion of land appropri-ated by the State of New York forhighway purposes as described inAppropriation Map entitled “Hal-cottville-Roxbury State Highway5450, Map 28, Parcel 77” filed inthe Delaware County Clerk’s OfficeFebruary 1, 1965.Being the same premises describedin a deed dated June 30, 1999 fromBenedict Francis Gruosso, Jose-phine Ann Morales and John DanielGruosso to Hugo and JosephineAnn Morales, as tenants by theentirety, which deed was recordedin the Delaware County Clerk’s Of-fice on July 2, 1999, in Liber 887 ofdeeds at Page 183.That Josephine Ann Morales diedon February 17, 2001 in Syracuse,New York leaving Hugo Morales asthe surviving tenant by the entirety.SUBJECT TO and together with alleasements, covenants, restrictionsand rights of way of recordTOGETHER with all right, title andinterest, if any, of the mortgagor inand to any streets and roads abut-ting the Mortgaged Property to thecenter lines thereof.TOGETHER with the appurtenanc-es and all the estate and rights ofthe mortgagor in and to the Mort-gaged Property.TOGETHER with all fixtures locatedon the Mortgaged Property.Said mortgaged property is soldsubject to (1) any state of factsan accurate survey may show, (2)covenants, restrictions and ease-ments of record, (3) any buildingand zoning regulations, restric-tions, ordinances and amendmentsthereto of the municipality, state, orfederal government, or any agency,bureau, commission or departmentwith jurisdiction over the Mort-gaged Property, and any violationsor notices of violations issued bysame, including, but not limited tocode violations and reapportion-ment of lot lines, (4) any rights oftenants or persons in possessionof the Mortgaged Property, includ-ing any applicable rights and ob-ligations set forth in RPAPL 1305(Notice to Tenant), (5) claims, ifany, of any Indian Tribe or Tribes orGroups, (6) the right of redemptionof the United States of America, ifany, and (7) the provisions of theTerms of Sale to be provided at thepublic auction.Approximate amount of Judg-ment $31,972.96, plus interest andcosts.Dated: December 22, 2017Thomas Hegeman, RefereeGETNICK LIVINGSTON ATKINSON& PRIORE, LLPAttorneys for PlaintiffOffice and Post Office Address258 Genesee StreetUtica, NY 13502( 315) 7979261Notice of Public HearingNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN; therewill be a Joint Public Hearing ofthe Town of Delhi and the Villageof Delhi to be held at the Village ofDelhi, 9 Court Street, Delhi, NewYork on Monday, January 22, 2018at 7:00pm. This joint public hearingis for the Delhi Local Flood Analy-sis. Hard copies are available at theVillage and Town Clerk’s Office forreview. The LFA is also available on-line at the Village of Delhi website.Michele C. GriffinVillage Clerk-TreasurerEastern

Alliance Realty LLC, Arts ofOrg. filed with Sec. of State of NY(SSNY) 12/18/2017. Cty: Delaware.SSNY desig. as agent upon whomprocess against may be served& shall mail process to Altschul &Altschul, 18 E. 12th St., #1A, NY,NY 10003-4458. General Purpose.

NOTICENOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT I,the undersigned Collector of Taxesin and for the Town of Franklin,have received the Tax Roll and War-rant for the taxes for the year 2018.I will attend at the Town Clerk’s Of-fice at 554 Main Street, Franklin,New York, on all Tuesdays betweenthe hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00a.m. and also, 3:00 p.m. and 6:00p.m. and all Saturdays from 10:00a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in each week ofthe month of JANUARY, for the pur-pose of receiving taxes assessedupon each roll.NOTICE: Taxes may be paid onor before January 31, 2018 with-out charge of interest. On all suchtaxes remaining unpaid after Feb-ruary 1st, one per cent will beadded for the first month and anadditional one per cent for eachmonth or fraction thereof until thereturn of unpaid taxes is made bythe Collector of the County Trea-surer pursuant to law. A $15.00 feeis assessed for all returned checks.TAKE FURTHER NOTICE, that pur-suant to the provisions of law thetax roll of the Town of Franklin willbe returned to the Delaware CountyTreasurer on May 1, 2018.Dated the 29th of December 2017.Dawn Ritz, Tax CollectorTown of Franklin, New York607- 829-3440Sealed bids will be received as setforth in instructions to bidders until10:30 a.m. on February 08, 2018atthe NYSDOT, Contract Manage-ment Bureau, 50 WOLF RD, 1STFLOOR, SUITE 1CM, ALBANY, NY12232 and will be publicly openedand read. Bids may also be sub-mitted via the internet using BidExpress ( certified or cashier’s check pay-able to the NYS Dept. of Trans-portation for the sum specified inthe proposal or a bid bond, FORMCONR 391, representing 25% ofthe bid total, must accompanyeach bid. NYSDOT reserves theright to reject any or all bids.Electronic documents and Amend-ments are posted to is responsible for ensur-ing that all Amendments are incor-porated into its bid. To receive no-tification of Amendments via e-mailyou must submit a request to beplaced on the Planholders List may have been issuedprior to your placement on thePlanholders list.NYS Finance Law restricts com-munication with NYSDOT on pro-curements and contact can onlybe made with designated persons.Contact with non-designated per-sons or other involved Agencieswill be considered a serious matterand may result in disqualification.Contact Robert Kitchen (518) 457-2124.Contracts with 0% Goals are gen-erally single operation contracts,where sub-contracting is not ex-pected, and may present directbidding opportunities for SmallBusiness Firms, including, but notlimited to, D/W/MBEs.The Contractor must comply withthe Regulation relative to non-discrimination in federally-assistedprograms of the USDOT 49 CFR21.Please call (518) 457-2124 if a rea-sonable accommodation is neededto participate in the letting.BIDDERS SHOULD BE ADVISEDTHAT AWARD OF THESE CON-TRACTS MAY BE CONTINGENTUPON THE PASSAGE OF A BUD-GET APPROPRIATION BILL BYTHE LEGISLATURE AND GOV-ERNOR OF THE STATE OF NEWYORKReg. 09, Jack Williams, RegionalDirector, 44 Hawley Street, Bing-hamton, NY 13901D263659, PIN 9067.72, F.A. Proj.Z001-9067-723, Delaware Co.,General Bridge Repairs on 8 Bridg-es on NYS 17 S.H 5456 & 5340;Towns of Hancock & Colchester.,Bid Deposit $750,000.00.Goals: DBE 8%

Or Pieces by LLC, App of Auth. filedwith Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)12/28/2017. Cty: Delaware. SSNYdesig. as agent upon whom pro-cess against may be served & shallmail process to c/o Oriane Hazan-Gross, 60 Collister St., Apt. 5A, NY,NY 10013. General Purpose.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIM-ITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME:subsoda, LLC Articles of Organiza-tion were filed with the Secretaryof State of New York (SSNY) on01/03/18. Office location: Dela-ware County. SSNY has been des-ignated as agent of the LLC uponprocess against it may be served.SSNY shall mail a copy of processto the LLC, 1420 Monroe Road,Delhi, New York 13753. Purpose:For any lawful purpose.

NOTICE OF SALESUPREME COURT COUNTY OFDELAWAREU. S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSO-CIATION AS TRUSTEE FOR NRZPASS-THROUGH TRUST VII NPL,PlaintiffAGAINSTGhassem Terrani, et al.,Defendant(s)Pursuant to a Judgment of Fore-closure and Sale duly dated No-vember 15, 2017 I, the undersignedReferee will sell at public auctionat the Front Courthouse Steps, 3Court Street, Village of Delhi, NY,on February 09, 2018 at 12:00PM,premises known as 234/244BRAMLEY MOUNTAIN ROAD,DELHI, NY 13753. All that certainplot piece or parcel of land, withthe buildings and improvementserected, situate, lying and being inthe Town of DELHI, County of Dela-ware and State of New York, SEC-TION 128, BLOCK 2, LOTS 10.200& 13.400. Approximate amount ofjudgment $95,049.10 plus interestand costs. Premises will be soldsubject to provisions of filed Judg-ment for Index# 2017393.Stephen F. Baker Esq., RefereeGross Polowy, LLCAttorney for Plaintiff1775 Wehrle Drive, Suite 100Williamsville, NY 14221NOTICE OF SALE SUPREMECOURT COUNTY OF DELAWAREWayne Bank, Successor By Mergerwith The National Bank of DelawareCounty, Walton, Plaintiff AGAINSTCalvin A. Beardslee, Melissa A.Beardslee, et al., Defendant(s) Pur-suant to a Judgment of Foreclosureand Sale duly dated 11-27-2017 I,the undersigned Referee will sellat public auction at the DelawareCounty Courthouse, 3 Court Street,Delhi, New York 13753 on 2-8-2018at 12:00PM, premises known as 34Howell Street, Walton, NY 13856.All that certain plot piece or parcelof land, with the buildings and im-provements erected, situate, lyingand being Town of Walton, Villageof Walton, County of Delaware,State of New York, SBL: 251.18-3-4.21 Approximate amount of judg-ment $129,945.81 plus interest andcosts. Premises will be sold subjectto provisions of filed Judgment In-dex #2016-1015. Stephen F. Baker,Esq., Referee John Martin, Esq.1022 Court Street Honesdale, NY18431 Beardslee 50897Please be advised that the RegularAndes Town Board meetings willbe held on the Second Tuesdayof each month at the Andes TownHall, 115 Delaware Ave, Andes NewYork. The meetings will be held at2PM during the months of Decem-ber, January, February, and MarchThe remainder of the months meet-ings will be held at 7PM.By Order of the BoardKimberly A. Tosi, Town ClerkPUBLIC HEARING NOTICEPlease take notice that the AndesTown Planning Board will hold aPublic Hearing on Feb. 12, 2018 at7:30 PM for the approval of a minorsubdivision on property located atSkunk Hollow Road, in the Town ofAndes, Delaware County, NY taxmap #’s 279.-1-16.2, 279.-1-3.2and 279.-1-10Copies of the proposal will be avail-able for review at the Public Hear-ing.SAID PUBLIC HEARING will beheld on Feb. 12, 2018 at 7:30 PMin the Andes Town Hall, DelawareAve., Andes NY.Andes Town Planning ClerkJo Ann BoernerPLEASE TAKE NOTICEThe Bovina Town Board and Plan-ning Board will hold a joint meetingon January 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM atthe Community Hall.Date 1/12/2018Catherine HewittTown ClerkNotice of Formation of Clark Fam-ily Interests, LLC. Arts. of Org. filedwith Secy. of State of NY (SSNY) on1/3/18. Office location: DelawareCounty. SSNY designated as agentof LLC upon whom process againstit may be served. SSNY shall mailprocess to: c/o The LLC, 41155State Highway 10, P.O. Box 427,Delhi, NY 13753. Purpose: any law-ful activity.

NOTICE TO BIDDERSNotice is hereby given, pursuant toSection 103 of the General Munici-pal Law of the State of New York,that the County of Delaware will ac-cept sealed proposals for the pur-chase of the following items by thesaid County of Delaware:PROPOSAL NO. 6-18 Liquid Bitu-minous Concrete & Related Equip-ment BidProposals shall be submitted onbid forms which are available forinspection and obtainable at the of-fice of the County Commissioner ofPublic Works, Page Avenue, Delhi,New York 13753. Forms can beobtained electronically by e-mail-ing a request to Detailed speci-fications are contained in the saidproposal forms.Proposals must be filed with WayneD. Reynolds, Delaware CountyCommissioner of Public Works,Page Avenue, Delhi, New York,13753, on or before 1:00 p.m.,Prevailing Time, Thursday, Febru-ary 1, 2018, in a sealed envelopeplainly marked on outside, at whichtime and place they will be publiclyopened and read.The successful bidder will bepromptly notified and must beprepared to enter into a contractfor the purchase and sale of thesaid item(s) or services in confor-mity with the information in theproposal.The County of Delaware reservesthe right to reject any or all bidssubmitted.Wayne D. ReynoldsDelaware CountyCommissioner of Public WorksDATED: January 17, 2018ChryslerJeepDodgeRam *

Public Notice
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that theDelhi Town Board at the January4, 2018 Organizational Meetinghave set forth that monthly boardmeetings will be held on the sec-ond Tuesday of each month at 7:30p.m. at the Delhi Town Hall Build-ing, 5 Elm Street, Delhi New York,unless otherwise stated or adver-tised.TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that atsuch meeting the official depositoryfor the funds of Supervisor, JusticeCourt, Town Clerk and Tax Collec-tor shall be the Delaware NationalBank of Delhi. AND, the Town ofDelhi Supervisor shall invest all idlefunds as recommended by the De-partment of Audit and Control andthe State of New York.ALSO NOTED, the official newspa-per for the Town of Delhi shall beThe Reporter. Elsa SchmitzTown Clerk/CollectorTown of DelhiDivision St. Rentals, LLC, Arts ofOrg. filed with Sec. of State of NY(SSNY) 12/5/2017. Cty: Delaware.SSNY desig. as agent upon whomprocess against may be served &shall mail process to 3664 CountyHwy. 18, Delhi, NY 13753. GeneralPurpose.

SUPREME COURT OF THE STATEOF NEW YORK - COUNTY OFDELAWAREFIFTH THIRD MORTGAGE COM-PANY,V.JASON M. WILSEY, ET. AL.NOTICE OF SALENOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursu-ant to a Final Judgment of Fore-closure dated August 16, 2017,and entered in the Office of theClerk of the County of Delaware,wherein FIFTH THIRD MORTGAGECOMPANY is the Plaintiff and JA-SON M. WILSEY, ET AL. are theDefendant(s). I, the undersignedReferee will sell at public auction atthe DELAWARE COUNTY COURT-HOUSE, 3 COURT STREET, DELHI,NY 13753, on February 14, 2018at 11:00AM, premises known as115 COUNTY HIGHWAY 29, DAV-ENPORT, NY 13750: Section 27,Block 2, Lot 33.100:ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCELOF LAND, WITH THE BUILDINGSAND IMPROVEMENTS THEREONERECTED, SITUATE, LYING AND

BEING IN THE TOWN OF KOR-TRIGHT, COUNTY OF DELAWARE,AND STATE OF NEW YORKPremises will be sold subject toprovisions of filed Judgment In-dex # 437/2016. Larisa Obolensky,Esq., Esq. - Referee. RAS Boriskin,LLC 900 Merchants Concourse,Suite 106, Westbury, New York11590, Attorneys for Plaintiff.

NOTICE OF FILING OF ANNUALREPORTNotice is hereby given that the An-nual Financial report for the Town ofHamden for the fiscal year endingDecember 31, 2017 has been com-pleted and is on file at the TownClerk’s Office where it may be in-spected during regular office hours.Dennise YearyHamden Town ClerkNOTICEPlease take notice that the Town ofHamden Town Board meetings willbe held on the first Wednesday ofeach month during the year 2018.All meetings will be held at theTown Hall at 6:30 pm.Dennise YearyHamden Town ClerkNOTICEPlease take notice that the Town ofHamden Planning Board will holdtheir monthly meetings on the lastTuesday of each month during theyear 2018. All meetings will be heldat the Town Hall at 7:30 pm.Melissa OrdmandyChairmanKortright Rural Fire District Com-missioners Reorganization meetingwas Jan 09, 2018Date is: second Tuesday of everymonth.Time is: 7:30pm.Place is the Bloomville Fire HallNewspaper is the Walton ReporterBank is NBTSecretary/ Treasurer Diana Lutz

Notice is hereby given that an or-der entered by the Supreme Court,Delaware County, on the 5th day ofJanuary, 2018, bearing Index Num-ber 2017-1055, a copy of whichmay be examined at the office ofthe clerk, located at Court HouseSquare, Delhi, New York grants methe right to assume the name ofEmily Jayne Seymour. The city andstate of my present address are

Deposit, NY; the month and year ofmy birth are July, 1987; the place ofmy birth is Johnson City, New York;my present name is Emily JayneCalcagno.

PUBLIC NOTICEThe Town of Tompkins Town Boardmeetings has set the 2018 Monthlymeeting dates as followsJanuary 8, 2018 - MondayFebruary 12, 2018 - MondayMarch 12, 2018 - MondayApril 9, 2018 - MondayMay 7, 2018 - MondayJune 11, 2018 - MondayJuly 9, 2018 - MondayAugust 20, 2018 - MondaySeptember 10, 2018 - MondayOctober 9, 2018 - TuesdayNovember 8, 2018 - ThursdayDecember 10, 2018 - MondayAll meetings are held at the Town ofTompkins Town Hall at 148 BridgeStreet, Trout Creek, at 7:00 p.m.unless otherwise posted.Michelle PhoenixTown of TompkinsTown ClerkNOTICE TO BIDDERSPlease take notice that the WaltonFire District, Walton, NY is seekingbids for a new custom Fire Engine.Copies of the Bid specificationsmay be obtained by contactingChairman Of the board of Com-missioners Carl Fancher at 607-865-6339. Bid opening, 7:00 pm atthe Walton Fire Station on TuesdayFebruary 20, 2018.

PUBLIC NOTICEThe Walton Town Board at the Jan-uary 2, 2018 Organizational Meet-ing have set their board meetingsschedule as stated.January 8thFebruary 12thMarch 12April 9thMay 14thJune 11thJuly 9thAugust 13thSeptember 10th* October 1st* November 5thDecember 10thALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELDTHE SECOND Monday of theMonth at 6:00 P.M. UNLESS OTH-ERWISE POSTED*

NOTICE OF FILING OF ANNUALREPORTNotice is hereby given that the An-nual Financial Report for the Townof Bovina for the fiscal year end-ing December 31, 2016 has beencompleted and is on file at theTown Clerk’s Office, 1866 CountyHighway 6, Bovina, where it can beinspected by any interested personduring regular business hours.

Date: 1/12/2018Catherine HewittTown ClerkSUPREME COURT OF THE STATEOF NEW YORKCOUNTY OF DELAWAREIn the Matter of the Foreclosure of2015/2016 and Prior Year Tax LiensBy Proceeding In Rem Pursuant toArticle Eleven of the Real PropertyTax Law By The Village of HancockAMENDED PETITION ANDNOTICE OF FORECLOSUREINDEX NO.: 2017-1032PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that on the8th day of January, 2018, the VillageTreasurer, hereinafter the “Enforc-ing Officer” of the Village of Han-cock, hereinafter, the “Tax District”pursuant to law filed with the clerkof Delaware County, this amendedpetition and notice of foreclosureagainst the various parcels of realproperty for unpaid taxes or otherlawful charges which have beenaccumulated and become liensagainst certain property. The par-cels to which this proceeding ap-plies are identified on Schedule Aof the Amended Petition, which isannexed hereto and made a parthereof. This document serves bothas an Amended Petition of Foreclo-sure and a Notice of Foreclosure forpurposes of this proceeding.Effect of Filing: All persons havingor claiming to have an interest inthe real property described in suchpetition are hereby notified that thefiling of such petition constitutesthe commencement by the Tax Dis-trict of a proceeding in the Courtspecified in the caption aboveto foreclose each of the tax lienstherein described be a foreclosureproceeding in rem.Nature of Proceeding: Such pro-ceeding is brought against the realproperty only and is to foreclosethe tax liens described in such pe-tition. No personal judgement willbe entered herein for such taxesor other legal charges or any partthereof.Persons Affected: This notice isdirected to all persons owning orhaving or claiming to have an inter-est in the real property describedin such petition. Such persons arehereby notified further that a dupli-cate of such petition has been filedin the office of the Enforcing Officerof the Tax District and will remainopen for public inspection up toand including the date specifiedbelow as the last day for redemp-tion.Right of Redemption: Any personhaving or claiming to have an inter-est in any such real property andthe legal right thereto may on orbefore said date redeem the sameby paying the amount of all suchunpaid tax liens thereon, includingall interest and penalties and otherlegal charges which are included inthe lien against such real property,

computed to and including the dateof redemption. Such paymentsshall be made to Phyllis Falsetta,Village of Hancock Treasurer, 85East Front Street, Hancock, NewYork, 13783. In the event that suchtaxes are paid by a person otherthan the record owner of such realproperty, the person so paying shallbe entitled to have the tax liens af-fected thereby satisfied of record.Last Day for Redemption: The lastday for redemption is hereby fixedas the 20th day of April, 2018.Service of Answer: Every personhaving any right, title or interest inor lien upon any parcel of real prop-erty described in such petition mayserve a duly verified answer uponthe attorney for the Tax District set-ting forth in detail the nature andamount of his or her interest andany defense or objection to theforeclosure. Such answer must befiled in the Office of the CountyClerk and served upon the attorneyfor the Tax District on or before thedate above mentioned as the lastday for redemption.Enforcing OfficerMs. Phyllis FalsettaVillage of Hancock Treasurer85 East Front StreetHancock, New York, 13783.607- 637-5341Attorney for Tax DistrictTerry S. Forman, Esq.Kalter, Kaplan, Zeiger & Forman6166 State Route 42 - P.O. Box 30Woodbourne, New York 12788845- 434-4777Failure to Redeem or Answer: Inthe event of failure to redeem oranswer by any person having theright to redeem or answer, suchperson shall be forever barred andforeclosed of all his or her right, titleand interest and equity of redemp-tion in and to the parcel describedin such petition and a judgementin foreclosure may be taken by de-fault.Dated: December 19, 2017Phyllis Falsetta, Village TreasurerState of New YorkCounty of DelawareI, Phyllis Falsetta, being duly sworn,depose and say: I am the EnforcingOfficer for the Village of Hancock.have read this Petition whichhave signed, and I am familiarwith its contents. The contents ofthis Petition are true to the bestof my knowledge, based upon therecords of the Village of Hancock,County of Delaware, State of NewYork. I do not know of any error oromissions in this Petition.Phyllis Falsetta, Village Clerk/Trea-surerSworn to me this 19th day of De-cember, 2017.Notary PublicTERRY L. BUSHNotary Public, State of New YorkQualified in Delaware CountyNo. 01BU6058548Commission Expires May 14, 2019.SCHEDULE AProperty

Description, Owner(s) ofRecord, Property Address429.18- 2-47, Gerard T. Lorber andMichele Briguglio, 24756 StateHwy429.17- 5-19, Jack H. MacDowall,Sr., Jack H. MacDowall, & VickieD. MacDowall, 44 Fifield Avenue429.18- 2-35, Allan J. Nowicki, andDiane M. Nowicki, Trustees of theAllan J. and Diane M. NowickiFamily Trust u/a/d 12/27/12, 322Peas Eddy Road429.18- 2-37, Allan J. Nowicki, andDiane M. Nowicki, Trustees of theAllan J. and Diane M. NowickiFamily Trust u/a/d 12/27/12, PeasEddy Road429.13- 2-19, Iwona Polkowska,153 Main Street429.17- 2-67, Janet Sutliff, 154 EastFront Street429.13- 1-3, Tradewise VentureCapital, LLC, Golf Course RoadSUPREME COURT - COUNTY OFDELAWAREBANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Plaintiff-against- FRANK M. ADAMO, ELKEADAMO, et al Defendant(s). Pursu-ant to a Judgment of Foreclosureand Sale entered herein and datedMay 6, 2016, I, the undersignedReferee will sell at public auctionat the Delaware County Supreme,3 Court Street, Delhi, NY on Febru-ary 21, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. premisessituate, lying and being in the Townof Meredith, Delaware County andState of New York, in the Whites-borough Patent, Great Lot No. 7and forming a part of the westerlypart of the Lot No. 6, boundedand described as follows: BEGIN-NING in the highway, leading alongbounds thereof and Lot No. 7, andalong the line, a stone wall on saidbounds,andrunalongNW27.00chains;ThenceNE23.10chains;ThenceSE21.00chains;Thencerun along center line of said high-way as it meanders westerly andsouthwesterly until it intersects theline between said Lots Nos. 6 & 7;ThencerunalongsaidlineSWtothe point of beginning. Section 125Block 1 Lot 7.Said premises known as 467 AR-CHIE ELLIOT ROAD, DELHI, NYApproximate amount of lien$245,134.95 plus interest & costs.Premises will be sold subject toprovisions of filed Judgment andTerms of Sale.If the sale is set aside for any rea-son, the Purchaser at the sale shallbe entitled only to a return of thedeposit paid. The Purchaser shallhave no further recourse againstthe Mortgagor, the Mortgagee orthe Mortgagee’s attorney.Index Number 541/2014.ROBERT W. BIRCH, ESQ., RefereeDavid A. Gallo & Associates LLPAttorney(s) for Plaintiff99 Powerhouse Road, First Floor,Roslyn Heights, NY 11577File# 8275.219COLCHESTER,

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