2018-01-09 / Outdoor Life

DEC Seeks Assistance to Locate Black Bear Dens

DEC wildlife biologists are seeking the public’s help to learn about new black bear dens throughout New York. As part of its ongoing black bear monitoring, DEC’s wildlife biologists periodically check on black bears during the winter den season. The bears may be fitted with radio collars to help biologists track the bears’ activities throughout the year and to locate their dens in subsequent years for monitoring cub production, condition and survival.

Bears may den in a rock crevice, tree cavity, or under heavy bush or fallen trees. Female bears generally give birth in January or early February, and if you are near a den you may hear the cubs’ high-pitched squeals. New York hikers and hunters cover countless miles of wooded terrain each year. DEC urges anyone who finds a bear den not to approach or disturb the den, but simply to note the location and move away from the den site.

DEC requests that anyone locating a bear den contact their local DEC wildlife office about the den location, including GPS coordinates if possible. More information about black bears in New York is available at the DEC Black Bear web page.

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