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Hancock Council Approved Exploration of Alternative Energy Company

2018 Reorganization and Reauthorization Confirmed
By Anthony Morgano

EnergyNext Client Relationship Manager Danielle Mc- Mullen told the Hancock Town Council on Jan. 2 about a new program in New York state.

McMullen explained that Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) would allow the town of Hancock to place a bid on a bulk electricity purchase, as a way to possibly lower individual energy costs.

“In order for us (EnergyNext), on behalf of the municipality, to go to NYSEG and say we need this data in order to put together a bid,” McMullen said, “we need a local law authorizing it.”

The passing of the law does not require residents to participate in the program. According to McMullen, around 45,000 households in the Southern Tier and the Catskills are committed to exploring the it. EnergyNext hopes to bid in either February or March, once other municipalities pass similar local laws.

“We anticipate that residents will get better electricity rates through this program,” McMullen said. “However,” he added, “if you’re currently with an energy services company and you like the service that you have, you won’t have to join this program. If it’s not low enough, I’d honestly quit my job before we told anyone to move forward with something that wouldn’t benefit people,” McMullen concluded.

After the results from the bid comes in, if the town council chooses to go forward with CCA, residents would be automatically included into Energy- Next, but could opt out if they prefer to stay with their current utility provider.

For more information about this program, visit

In other business, no proof was brought to council regarding the rat problem stemming from 280 Signor Road, so a unanimous four - zero vote was made to issue a notice of abatement to the accused property owner.

The board approved the following at the organizational portion of the town meeting:

Leonard E. Sienko Jr., was appointed town attorney at the budgeted annual salary of $23,978.40;

Donna torch was appointed dog control officer at the budgeted amount of $4,882.20 per year;

Thomas Zampolin will continue as code enforcement/sanitary officer/flood plain administrator at the budgeted amount of $25,758.24;

Lewis Shaffer was appointed of chairman and Louis Slatcher vice-chair of the planning board;

Monika Noble will be bookkeeper to the supervisor at a salary of $28,403.96 per year; budget officer at the salary of $2,498.60 per year; and secretary to the highway superintendent at $2,904.20 per year;

Ann Green was appointed as registrar of vital statistics at $1,989; assessors’ clerk at the budgeted salary of $1,989 per year; and code enforcement secretary at the budgeted salary of $2,904.20 per year. She was also appointed marriage officer;

Nancy Milk was appointed full-time court clerk at the rate of $32,582.16 per year;

Fred Peckham was appointed town of Hancock’s representative to the Upper Delaware Council, and Katt Judd appointed as the alternate.

These reauthorizations were approved as follows:

The supervisor is authorized to pay utility bills, payrolls and unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance reserve fund between audits.

The Hancock Town Board will meet the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.; the bills will be audited at 7 p.m.;

The Hancock Highway Superintendent is authorized to make equipment purchases up to $1500 without prior board approval;

The Hancock Herald is the official town paper;

The mileage rate for the official use of a private vehicle will be $0.575 per mile;

All town policies and regulations currently in effect will beadopted;

The supervisor was authorized to invest town funds as permitted under the Laws and Policies of the State of New York.

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