2018-01-09 / News

Andes Chamber Seeks Grants for Tourism

By Tom Coddington

ANDES — At the Jan. 3 meeting of the Andes Chamber of Commerce, president Robyn Ciccone stated the Delaware County Economic Development has four categories of grants available to offer.

The first, for $5,000, deals with promoting and marketing the town, exclusive of its events. They must submit a marketing plan with corresponding budget that advertises/promotes Andes as a whole, as a tourist destination.

The second one, for $1,000, is for event related community celebrations, and a plan outlining a specific event that increases tourism to Andes.

Another $5,000 grant could be for capital improvements. The chamber must submit a plan outlining a community renovation/construction project that will exceed five years in existence the benefits and promote tourism. Suggestions were a gazebo in Balantine Park, a pergola at the swimming pool, a more elaborate kiosk for tourism information or a secondary kiosk. The development must be on property owned by the municipality of a non-profit organization utilized on behalf of Andes tourism.

A second $1,000 grant could be for arts and culture — an art and/or cultural event drawing tourism into Andes, an example being a concert in the park.

The grant application deadline is Jan. 31, so the chamber is holding another meeting this Wednesday (Jan. 10) at 6 p.m. at the Andes Hotel to discuss the grants and application specificity.

Suzanne Gladstone suggested video snippets of actual event, transactions and activities in town. Ann Roberti pointed out that Jessica Viccione has made a video tape of rowing to use online. Roberti also spotlighted her planned snowshoe event, at a time with fresh snow and above 10 degrees, whereupon participants will walk in snow shoes, creating different designs in the snow. Ciccone suggested to have that photographed/videoed, as well.

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