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Hamden Town Board Hears Presentations, Makes 2018 Determinations

By Sara Andros

Two presentations were made at the town of Hamden meeting on Jan. 3. The first was made by Maureen Blanchard, the project director for Healthy Schools and Communities. She came before the board to discuss the “Complete Street” project, a grant program funded by the Department of Health. “Roads should be safe for all users,” said Blanchard. That includes walkers, runners, bikers and individuals with disabilities.

The goals of the Complete Street project are to encourage walking and riding for exercise, to make streets easier to navigate for the elderly and disabled, and to help the environment by decreasing automobile usage. Blanchard said that not all roads would require the same treatment. Changes as simple as adding signage or painting white lines on the edges of streets to slow down traffic could make a big difference. Installing sidewalks or bike lanes in certain locations can save lives. One area Blanchard suggested might benefit from sidewalks was the road near Delaware Opportunities.

Hamden Supervisor Wayne Marshfield questioned who would be responsible for maintaining and removing snow from the sidewalks and Blanchard said that it would be the town’s responsibility. Marshfield commented that the town doesn’t have a lot of resources to do that. Blanchard said that at this point she was just asking the town to develop a policy and to begin thinking about what improvements would best serve the town. No specific plans about projects need to be made at this time, but she told the board that having a policy would make it easier to get grants for future projects. Blanchard said she would be more than happy to assist the town develop a policy and pointed out that all of her services are completely free. The board voted later to move forward on developing a Complete Street policy.

Jessica Vecchione of Vecc Videography also addressed the board. She hoped to interest the board in a project to promote Hamden area tourism. The Delaware County Tourism Advisory Board administers the Tourism Promotion & Development Grant program, which is funded with money collected through the Delaware County Hotel Occupancy Tax. Vecchione outlined a plan that would qualify for grant funding.

The first component of the plan would be the creation of a tri-fold map of the town, outlining areas of interest. In addition to developing the map, Vecchione would make videos of the area in all four seasons which would be posted on the Hamden Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages she would create. Vecchione would also keep the media accounts current.

The total cost for the first year would be $8200. A grant from the Hotel Occupancy tax would cover half of the cost, and the town could apply for a grant from the O’Connor Foundation to cover the rest.

However, she continued, the board would need to act quickly because applications for grant assistance need to be delivered to the Delaware County Department of Economic Development by 5 p.m. Jan. 31. After much discussion, the board decided to table the proposal because of the looming deadline.

In other business:

• Marshfield will meet with the Walton fire chief and the town attorney on Jan. 19 to discuss transitioning the fire protection district into the Walton Fire District.

• The audit of the town clerk, town justice and town supervisor will be done Jan. 22 at 6 p.m.

• The board determined that they did not want to be the lead agency on the Ploutz mining permit and would leave that to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC); 1.3 acres will be added to the mining area.

• The Delaware County Arc gave the town $806 in lieu of tax received.

• The board voted to establish penalties for delinquent dog licenses. Licenses delinquent over 30 days will incur a $2 penalty. Those 60 days overdue will incur a $4 penalty and those delinquent over 90 days will be decided by the court.

• Councilman Richard Smith reported that he spoke with Steve Hood from Delaware County Department of Emergency Services about the possible purchase of an Automated External Defi- brillator (AED) for the town hall. At this time, no other town halls in Delaware County have them. If the town were to purchase one, someone who is at the town hall on a regular basis would need to be trained in its use and regular maintenance would have to be performed on the device. Smith will continue to gather more information.

• The Town Clerk deposited $872 which constituted the town’s portion of fees collected for permits, licenses and rentals. It was noted that the number of building permits procured in 2017 was greater than in 2016, when few building permits were requested.

• The board reviewed and approved the town’s Code of Ethics. The main focus of the policy is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest and that public officers and employees conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold public confidence.

• The board reviewed and approved the Procurement Policy. For projects between $1,000 and $2,500, a verbal quote must be procured from three vendors. For projects over $2500, three bids must be received and the bid that is in the best interest of the residents must be selected. All contracts over $10,000 must be publicly advertised and the contract will go to the lowest bidder.

• The Violence in the Workplace policy was reviewed and approved. Marshfield said the town is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees, so any workplace aggression or violence will not be tolerated. Appropriate training will be provided for employees.

• The board reviewed and approved the Investment Policy which states that the town will follow all state and local laws, will safeguard the principle, make sure the funds are sufficiently liquid, and procure a reasonable rate of return. The supervisor can purchase investments on behalf of the town. Marshfield told the board that he obtains additional security on the accounts over $250,000.

• Budget amendments were approved

• Yearly (unless otherwise noted) salaries were set for town employees as follows:

Wayne Marshfield, Supervisor; $6,900

Dennise Yeary, Town Clerk; $10,000

Roger Dibble, Superintendent of Highways; $49,000

Steven Reed, Councilman; $1,740

Richard Smith, Councilman; $1,740

Ryan Kilmer, Councilman; $1,740

Daniel Liddle, Councilman; $1,740

Tina Moshier, Appointed Assessor; $16,300

Gay Merrill, Justice; $6,200

Delores Dibble, Tax Collector; $3,800

Ryan Kilmer, Deputy Supervisor; $100

Barb Sturdevant, Accountant; $2,800

Dr. Eric Dohner, Health Offi- cer; $250

Chris Bodo, Dog Control Officer; $1,000

Loretta Foster, Historian, $520

Denise Van Dusen, Assessment Review Board; $100 and Assessment Review Board Secretary; $100

Leon Merrill, Assessment Review Board; $100

Richard Sage, Assessment Review Board; $100

Mark Jacobs, Building Inspector; $8,000

Dennise Yeary, Registrar; by voucher, fee

Delores Dibble, Deputy Town Clerk; $10.40/hr.

Kevin Wood, Deputy Superintendent of Highways; $1,200

Catherine Fletcher, Court Clerk; $20.50/hr.

Election Inspectors; $130 per primary, $210 per election and $35.00 for schooling

Deanna Stewart, Custodian; $17.50/hr.

David Marshfield, Groundskeeper; $12/hr.

Thomas Vroman, Planning Board; $125

John Newkerk, Planning Board; $125

Robert Anderson, Jr., Planning Board; $125

Melissa Ordmandy, Planning Board Chairman; $125 and Planning Board; $125

Michael Cipperly, Planning Board Secretary; $125 and Planning Board; $125

It was also established that:

• Depository for town funds: Delaware National Bank of Delhi, Community Bank of Delhi, Wayne Bank (Hamden Branch)

• Official town newspaper: The Reporter

• Monthly meetings will be held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall

• Use attorney for legal services: Young Sommer LLC

• Tax Collector will deposit money before it exceeds $5,000 or within 24 hours of receipt

• Allow expenditures for General and Highway more than is appropriated and authorize spending of surplus monies from the previous year, or borrow funds if necessary

• Allow the Supervisor to transfer money from one account to another or to invest and or reinvest through 2018

• Set mileage reimbursement at $.50 per mile and meal allowances at $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner

• Allow the Town Supervisor to pay utility, insurance and other necessary bills prior to the town audit

The following new appointments were made during Town of Hamden organizational meeting:

• Chris Bodo, Dog Control Officer for one year term

• Building Permit Appeal Board: Scott Lindsay, Frank Robella

• The appointment of five unpaid constables: Richard Kelly, Marc Calcano, Timothy Stewart, Nikolas Kosmogiannis and Harold Southworth.

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