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Living Through The Seasons

By Pastor Marv Root

Living in the north offers us first-hand adventure through the four seasons. Listening to folks talk about the weather and the climate interests me. Some like it warm; some like it cool. Some like it dry; some like it wet.

Do you recall the handful of hot summer days? How many times did you hear people complain about the heat – maybe you complained too! With bitter cold days upon us, those same people are complaining about the cold!

Makes me happy that I am not a weatherman!!

Human responses to changes in weather are parallel to human responses to the seasons of life. When we are young, we want to be older. When we are older, we wish we were younger.

The Bible’s advice is to learn to live each day to the fullest. Young, old, hot, cold – no matter! Accept each day as a gift and find a way to enjoy it. Worrying or complaining doesn’t change anything. It simply accentuates the challenge.

If you are waiting for something in your life to change in order to be happy, you are wasting your life. Make every day a joyful day! Count your blessings! Remember happy moments. Trust God to lead you through the day and through all of the seasons.

Cold days of winter provide times to rest and recuperate in order to spring forth with newness of life. Warm days of summer invite refreshing times to enjoy outdoor activities and care for growing gardens. Autumn days shorten in preparation for harvest, storing produce and laughing around campfires. Then, back through the cycle to the short, chilly days of winter.

Childhood, youth, vibrant adulthood and aging are the four seasons of our lives. Take each day, whichever season you are in, and enjoy the life God gives you.

Remember, Jesus promised those who trust and follow him will be filled with joy, love and peace. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Marv Root serves the Northfield Community Church and can be reached at 353-2443.

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