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Walton Walks for Hunger

By Ron Galley

This team representing Walton Central School completed the fundraising walk Sunday in Walton. 
Ron Galley/The Reporter This team representing Walton Central School completed the fundraising walk Sunday in Walton. Ron Galley/The Reporter Sunday was perfect for a day in the park - Walton’s Austin Lincoln Park - which is where the Walton Hunger Walk originated. Fifty people turned out for the food fundraiser.

Walton Walks for Hunger Chairman Pastor Larry Light of the New Hope Church welcomed the walkers, thanked them for participating and talked about the need for such events in the community. Lights referred to the walk as, “An amazing event, where churches, businesses and school people all come together for the common cause.” He talked about the need for people who are disadvantaged, who really need food and at the end of the day, how you “just want to help people.”

Walton Mayor Ed Snow referred to the walk as “An awesome thing to have,” adding “It shows a group of people who are willing to go out and use their energy to raise money for those in need in the village and around the country.”

Walton Town Supervisor Charlie Gregory and hunger walk participant said, “It is just another example of how the folks of Walton care for one another.” He mentioned the need to support the backpack program here and disaster relief down south. He added, “There are just so many things Waltonians care about.”

John Clark, who is in charge of the Walton Food Bank, when asked about the need for food in the community, stated, “It is not just the food bank, but the other feeding programs,” which have been expanded in recent years, to include local churches providing free meals, and the backpack program. Clark added, “This is a great thing for the community at large, to keep all these food programs going on a self-sustaining basis.” In response to being questioned about which is preferred - money or food items, he replied, “It doesn’t matter. Money is nice because all you have to do is buy the stuff,” but, he added, “The food bank gets some interesting stuff, a variety of food that we would not normally buy for the food bank.”

Clark was extremely thankful for the Walton Central School system for the numerous food drives they sponsor to benefit the food bank throughout the year, including Crush Tackles Hunger, the food drive the Walton football team promotes at the schools and at the gate at the homecoming football game. A large contingent of Walton Central School personnel walked for hunger relief. Clark also thanked Kraft for its support and other organizations in the village that contribute to keep the food bank supplied.

Light thanked the volunteers at the park, including Niles Wilson who was there to raise money with a chicken barbecue at the conclusion of the walk. Patrick Meredith entertained the people with music and there were drawings for prizes.

The breakdown for distribution of net proceeds: 50 percent- Walton Food Bank; 20 percent Walton Backpack Program; 20 percent Walton Community Soup Meals; 10 percent - hurricane relief.

The people who participated in the walk raised $5700, and according to volunteer, Denise Jackson, more money is still coming in.

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