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Supervisors Talk Top, Hybrid DPW Sites

By Rosie Cunningham

DELHI - The top Delaware County Department of Public Works (DPW) sites were discussed at a special Delaware County Board of Supervisors meeting last Wednesday.

Wendel Consultants Scott Neale and Gerald Summer discussed the leading four sites, as well as a potential hybrid site option.

The top four sites would include the full scope - a salt shed, mechanical repair shop, storage sheds, a fuel station and an administration office - all on site.

The hybrid options divide buildings and operations among different sites. However, as pointed out by Hamden Supervisor Wayne Marshfield, the cost difference would ultimately be the same.

Among the four sites is the current location, which has a maintenance building with a roof that is beyond repair. Many other necessary updates would be costly.

“The majority of the site is in the floodplain,” said Neale.

According to Neale, the location would need to be raised, a retaining wall installed and would require a lot of fill. There will also be backwater disturbances.

“The current site is workable, but only if fill dirt is brought in and a retaining wall is built to a height of 11 feet to mitigate flooding,” added Neale.

Safety issues were also discussed at the current site.

“It’s a tight fit that would compromise safety and operations,” Neale said.

He added that additional property would need to be purchased which would potentially include uprooting neighboring houses.

Maneuvering the DPW trucks at the location would be challenging and the flood insurance for the building would be costly. The price tag for the improvements would be between $8 and $9 million.

Another site which was discussed is a large parcel (more than 120 acres) of land two miles outside the village of Delhi.

“The full-program facility would be built on flat land, with a good gravel base already there,” Neale said. “A new bridge would need to be built, however, that would allow for access to the facility from both State Highway 10 and County Route 18.”

The third site is eight miles from Delhi, in DeLancey near the corner of county Route 2 and Back River Road.

“The intersection of state Highway 10 and Route 2 would need to be rebuilt and widened,” said Public Works Commissioner Wayne Reynolds. “Bridge improvements over the river would also need to occur.”

Reynolds said culverts would have to be built and added that the site is “feasible.”

The fourth site is in the town of Hamden about 10 miles from center of operations in Delhi, along state Highway 10.

“Grading would be required because of a slope and structures outside of the floodplain,” Summer said.

The board also discussed the hybrid options, but no determination was made. However, board members said that the option seemed a little “ridiculous.”

“I was asked to look into it,” said Reynolds/

The estimated costs for the plans are $32.26 million for the site in the village of Delhi, $26.35 million for the site two miles outside of Delhi; $27.8 million for the site in DeLancey; $26.51 million for the site in Hamden or $31.13 million for the hybrid option.

Clerk of the board of supervisors Tina Mole thanked the Wendel Representatives and Reynolds.

“Today was a good day, very informative,” she said.

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