2017-01-25 / Letters

Check All the Facts


This is in response to Mr. Holcherr’s letter. Perhaps when his is so busy looking up facts, he should try looking at all the facts, not just the ones that suit his purpose and fit his personal beliefs. The fact, Mr. Holcherr, is that Mr. Obama won the popular vote in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. Winning the electoral college was just a bonus. In 2008, Mr. Obama received 69,485,516 votes, (52.9%) to Mr. McCain’s 59,948,323 votes (45.7%). In 2012, Mr. Obama received 65,915,795 votes (51.1%) to Mr. Romney’s 60,933.040 votes (47.2%).

I don’t know about you, but I have an idea, but I am one of many Americans who believe in the popular vote. We still believe that this is a country of, by and for the people; ALL the people, not 538 randomly selected individuals. And, might I advise you to look up the facts of the true purpose of the electoral college. It was not what you seem to think.

The fact that Mr. Obama did not accomplish all his goals is due in large part to the total and complete lack of cooperation on the part of the Republican members in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Even so, the country is in much better shape that it was when George Bush left office.

You do remember the “Great Recession” don’t you, Mr. Holcherr? When Bush 43 took office he inherited a budget surplus. Do you remember the IRS checks we all received in the summer of 2001? They were made possible by that very surplus left by the Clinton administration. Not only did Bush 43 get us involved in an unnecessary war in Iraq, he and his Republican controlled Congress gave corporations tax credits to send jobs overseas and across borders. This went on for the first six of his eight years in office. In 2006, Democrats gained control of the Senate, but it was too late. The dominoes of the recession were already falling.

It was Mr. Obama who pulled us out of the recession, Mr. Holcherr. During his tenure, 16 million jobs were created, the unemployment rate dropped. Unfortunately, many of the jobs that have disappeared were lost to automation and computers. They aren’t coming back no matter who or what is in the White House. Like it or not, Mr. Holcherr, things have been worse.

I’m so glad you have so much hope. I look forward to the day when Delaware County is awash in millionaires, has a booming economy, the best schools in the country and we can’t go outside without gas masks.


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