2017-01-11 / Opinion

Was Letter In Jest?


The Letter to the Editor from last week’s Reporter from Bonnie Seegmiller about the article from Dec. 28, 2016 issue, “Learning to be a Gentleman…” must have been in jest. Can someone actually find fault with a program that teaches young people about common courtesy and good old fashioned manners?

First, the program was not part of the curriculum of the fourth and fifth grades. The teachers involved, as well as the students, met for the classes on their own time apart from their regular class time. The boys and their parents agreed to the classes and what would be covered in them. The boys did not only learn to tie a tie and shake hands, but how to conduct themselves in a social setting, an important thing for boys their ages, on the cusp of adulthood.

Second, the lessons learned in these classes amounted to how to have respect for yourself and others, and how to treat others. The last time I checked, these skills are not out of fashion. They are the bedrock of society and carry over to all civilized human behavior. Therefore, you don’t just teach a boy “how to treat a woman.” These classes taught the boys how to treat human beings-themselves as well as others. And the boys enjoyed it! I see every day how it continues to impact their lives, and will in years to come.

In my opinion, it should be taught in all schools, to all students.


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Great Job! Great Idea. Thank

Great Job! Great Idea. Thank -You!