2017-01-11 / Opinion

Thinks Letter Was Appalling


I am appalled after reading a recent Letter to the Editor written by Dr. Bonnie Seegmiller regarding your front page article of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Dec. 28, 2016.

My son was one of the 27 boys to attend this group for five sessions every Tuesday after school with his button-down dress shirt nicely tucked in, his tie straight as an arrow and holding his head up high as he left for school every Tuesday morning looking forward to the club. He really enjoyed attending this new club weekly.

The program was not a part of the fourth and fifth grade curriculum during the day, but was a group of boys that volunteered to stay after school, learning not only how to tie a tie but how to hand-write thank you notes when receiving gifts, table manners, good sportsmanship, holding doors open for others, handling conflict, dressing for success and overall how to be a respectable young adult in our school and community. How can you say these are things are “superficial and inconsequential”? I disagree.

Mr. Clerkin and Mr. Penberthy went above and beyond, not just in teaching our boys these skills but practicing what they taught every day at school so these boys continue to have great role models. My son now knows how to tie a tie, something that even my husband still has a hard time with at times, and he loves to show him how to do it! He understands the importance of thanking people when they have done something nice for him, and overall I think it has helped him grow as a young man.

As a parent I want to the thank these teachers for what they have done and hope it will continue in years to come at our school. Keep up the good work!


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