2017-01-11 / Opinion

Super Speaks to the Town-Wide Reassessment


At last month’s Walton town board meeting, we discussed the status of the town-wide reassessment that is underway. Last spring, data “Property Description Reports” were mailed to all property owners in the township, requesting that the owner review the data, make any corrections that needed to be made, and return them to Emmingers, Newton, Pigeon, Magyar, Inc. (ENPM). Most people did so and these corrections played a key role in the next phase of the revaluation process, data collection.

Upon completion of the data collection phase, revised property description reports were sent out to the property owners for their review. Regretfully, not all the changes submitted last spring were incorporated in the updated reports. In some cases, the changes fell outside the purview of ENPM (such as changes in property acreage) and should be addressed separately though the town assessor. In a few cases, the changes were clearly overlooked and ENPM is working hard to correct those errors.

The goal of the reassessment is to establish uniform, fair, and equitable assessments for each and every property in the town. To facilitate, it is important that the revised reports be returned, especially if the previous changes were not incorporated, so that we can compile the most accurate data as possible. If you have any questions about the reports, please call ENPM at 607- 386-1200 of the town assessor at 865-5281.

Public meetings have been scheduled with afternoon and evening sessions on Monday, Feb. 27 at the Walton Fire Hall. There will be another opportunity to address public concerns later in the spring at informal one-on-one hearings.

Walton Town Supervisor

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