2017-01-11 / Opinion

Can’t Fathom Why?


I’m writing about last week’s letter to the editor about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I just can’t fathom why anyone would attack a club of fourth and fifth grade boys learning life lessons from two male teachers who were volunteering their time.

The club was formed as an idea to give a little attention to young boys, give them a little chance to shine and stand up. And it did! The boys were so proud, learning to tie their own ties, dressing up on club days. The difference in their attitudes has been evident to the rest of the staff. They hold doors, they say please and thank you, they present themselves a little taller, a little more confident, a little stronger for having been a member of “the League.”

To have some professor, with no knowledge of the community, slam the teachers who volunteered their time for an after school program, quite frankly appalls me. If the stated curriculum was to “treat females respectfully” the same professor would probably have slammed it as sexist.

Isn’t a club to teach respect for everyone only a win-win for our students? Wasn’t there any other business that the editorial space could have been used for that would have better served the community than one person’s rant?

I am proud of the students who took part in the club. Proud of the teachers who volunteered their time. Proud of the parents who signed their children up so the boys could experience a nice bonding opportunity with their fellow classmates and some staff. There is enough negative in the world today without attacking good people for doing good things.


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You are so right!

You are so right!