2016-12-28 / Opinion

Choose Charities Carefully

For decades, this writer has tried to brighten up the holidays for many by contributing to worthy causes.

The word “worthy” refers to the charities that we know will do the most for their particular causes. Among these locally are the Heart of the Catskills Humane Society, the Delaware County Food Bank and the Salvation Army, along with other church organizations.

On the other hand, we know that there are charities that do good, but we frown from contributing to several organizations that we did in the past. There are more than two dozen organizations which are clogging up the mailbox with appeals that seem to be sent all year round, and in many cases, now send them every week,

Some of these, we have learned, have people in their higher places who are paid exorbitant salaries. The money, it says here, needs to go to those who really need it. Other messages come from groups whose identities we have never seen before, and know nothing about. All of these messages go into the junk mail bags with the others, which wind up at the transfer station.

The Better Business Bureau has lists of the many really worthy organizations that show which charities are worthwhile, and those that are not.

Thomas W. Coddington, Senior and Sports Editor, The Reporter.

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