2016-11-23 / Opinion


We saw photos after the recent election that showed crowds of people protesting the fact that Donald Trump won the election. Considering the fact that Hillary Clinton had received more votes than Trump, we can empathize the protestors, but the fact is that Trump won more key states, states that have more voters.

The decision was in the Electoral

College, which tallies up the number of representatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate to get the numbers. There have been many times, throughout the history of the nation, that has been the case. That has led to many calls for the abolition of the Electoral College, but that would only happen if both houses approve the move, because it is a part of the Constitution.

Trump was chastised about his comments regarding women, yet many women voted for him, and therein is one of the reasons that he won the contest. We saw the map the other day, in a New York City newspaper in the barber shop, that shows which states were red and which were blue, and their numbers, but we did not want to take it out of the shop.

An interesting fact is that the state of New York went for Clinton by a wide margin, yet many counties favored Trump, especially in the rural areas such as Delaware County. Here, the yard signs for Trump were out long before those for Clinton. Those signs do make a difference in this part of the world.

Sadly, many of the Clinton signs that were put out disappeared before the election. If someone saw those who pilfered the signs they could have been heavily fined, because such larceny is a crime.

Thomas W. Coddington, Senior and Sports Editor, The Reporter.

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