2016-10-26 / Opinion

No Endorsement

By Tom Coddington

This newspaper, during much of its 135 years, endorsed candidates of the Democratic party. It was always designated as the party’s official newspaper. George White and John R. Clark were staunch Democrats. When this writer joined the news staff in 1973, Editor Al Peake had also registered as a Democrat, making the new guy the only Republican.

During that time, we endorsed Democrats for most of the county, state and federal offices. When Mr. Clark fully retired, his daughter, Melissa was the owner, and things changed. Only a few, if any, endorsements were written. Since Mr. Peake retired, we have had several different editors, and whatever editorials were written came from the pen of a Republican who became a Democrat during the period when Republican Governor George Pataki was in office in Albany.

Melissa then sold the company to Leonard Govern, a staunch Republican, who served for a while as the chair of the Delaware County Republican party, and The Reporter became the official Republican newspaper. There were very few endorsements in that time period, and practically none since.

An area daily newspaper editor recently endorsed a presidential candidate, and received considerable negative response. Chances are that editor would also have been criticized if he had endorsed the other candidate.

That is why The Reporter is not making any endorsements for any office. We have, however, accepted letters to the editor in support of whomever our readers wish.

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