2016-09-21 / Outdoor Life

Rattlesnake Captured In French Woods Area

FRENCH WOODS — On Aug. 25, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) George Wilber responded a 911 call of a rattlesnake at the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Group in the town of Hancock.

He then contacted Randy Stecher of Narrowsburg, a reptile and amphibian specialist, who also responded to the scene. “He is what they call a rattler wrangler, and he has been dealing with problem snakes for many years,” he stated.

They located the timber rattler, which measured 47 inches in length, at one of the buildings, and went into action. “With his experience, we got the rattler into a bucket, and transported it to a nearby site, back in the woods. Nobody got bitten.”

Wilber also commented that he recently had received a snake complaint from a woman in the town of Franklin about snakes in her cellar. His investigation found them to be the skins of milk snakes and water snakes.

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