2016-09-21 / Letters

Faso for Congress


Scientists at the NASA Space Probe Project announced last week that a Zephyr Teachout sign was seen on Neptune. That may be stretching it a tad but the reality is that state and local Democrats are spending a fortune on touting Ms. Teachout as the “Saviour of the 19th District.”

The idea of Chris Gibson, an almost Hollywood type of representative, whose military, educational and personal credentials are beyond reproach, being replaced by a left-wing devotee of the Obama-Clinton party line seems almost a sacrilegious conception.

Don’t be fooled by the endless signange and the slobbering devotion of The Daily Star, this woman is an ultra left college professor who, like many of her ilk, promotes a huge and bloated government to direct us misguided citizens down a path of encroaching socialism.

For all you George Soros fans out there, Ms. Teachout is a supporter of the Carbon Tax also touted by Soros and his gang. In case you’re wondering what the Carbon Tax takes a levy on, it taxes such luxuries as gasoline to get us to work and back and home heating oil to fend off old man winter.

Chris Gibson is a real tough act to follow, but stick with John Faso, a candidate who will do his utmost to fill Chris Gibson’s shoes.


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