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Grateful Appreciation

Grateful Appreciation

Delhi - I am sure all in our community will agree that our fire department and all the departments who came to our aid on Thursday morning deserve our deepest gratitude and respect for what could have left our community in cinders. They served us well, wearing cumbersome, heavy gear, in oppressive, humid weather, while battling intense heat from the fire. EMS and fire personnel spend countless hours training and practicing for events just like the one that unfolded and has been worried about for many years. It is through their selfless giving that we citizens have the safety and security that a community can be proud to call home. 

Social media hosted a wonderful spectrum of photos. I saw so many really good things through them. The one showed a group of fire personnel standing together with their jackets and the town they were from printed across their backs. When I saw this, I thought that fire personnel really could teach a lot to the world about working together for a common cause. It was particularly poignant as we are a small community with such limited resources. Hence, the relying on others becomes paramount in a crisis. We should reflect also on those who organize the mutual aid program on a county level. 

I also saw one fireman sitting on the back of the truck, sweat just rolling off him. The look captured on his face was not “I am tired,” but one that I thought captured reflection of the reality around him. I saw community members looking out for those working, bringing cold water. They were very tender photos, ones I hope someone puts in the archives. 

I would also like to thank all the employers who let their people out to fight the fire, most even paying them for it. Thank you to those who took no pay because they missed work. Thank you to the families who silently give in ways too numerous to comprehend. The biggest thank you, to God himself, that no one was hurt or killed. Next time you see fire personnel, thank them personally, as they are a vanishing force in a society where people do not volunteer like they could. 

Mary Lou Oliver

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