2015-09-01 / Sports

Cod's Corner

Tom Coddington
Sports Editor

For last week’s issue, we had hoped to have results from the 10- and five-kilometer runs at the Delaware County Fair. On Saturday, Aug. 22, after the event, the numbers did not come up right, causing a great deal of confusion for more than a week.

Beth O’Brien, who coordinated the event, found that there were many mistakes, apparently from a computer glitch, because there were errors in the results. After working to make the corrections, she came up with the right numbers.

Not being able to connect with Beth, yours truly emailed Mark Hughes, of Fast Finishers Timing, this past Friday, to see if the problem had been resolved. On Saturday, he sent a list of the results, but things were still awry — he listed the second place finisher in the 10K to be a woman by the name of Amanda Archibald.

On Sunday, we talked to Skip Baxter, the Delaware Academy cross country coach, who commented that he thought he had finished third, although the Fast Finishers’ list had him finishing sixth. He was sure that only his best runner, Declan Kottmeier, and Oneonta runner Kyle Breier crossed the finish line ahead of him.

When we received corrected race sheets from Beth on Monday, they showed that Breier had indeed placed second and Baxter was third. Archibald, as it turned out, had run in the five-kilometer race, and last year’s female champion, Deanna Petula, was this year’s winner, as well.

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