2015-09-01 / Communities

Walton Central School Class of 1900...

A graduating class portrait of Walton Central School’s Class of 1900 was recently donated to the Walton Historical Association. Most of the graduates have been identified with the exception of four young women. Pictured are: back row - from left - Professor H. Francis Miles, unknown, Monticello A. Bonneford, Nettie Beagle, Maxwell C. Montgomery, Leola DuBois, Howell B. Townsend, Nellietta St. John, Rae C. Launt, William Neff; middle row - from left - Unknown, Fred C. Miller, Clarence Sherwood, Mary Ensign, Joseph Forsythe, M. Gladstone, Norman McLeod Stimpson, Ruth Haulenbeeck, Clarence W. Fuller; and front row - Louis Doig, unknown, A. Harrison Ewing, unknown, Harold A. Wade, V. Bessie and M. Sheldon Brandt. The historical society is asking anyone who may be able to identify the four unknown women, call 607-865-5895.

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