2013-11-04 / Opinion

Guest Viewpoint

State Senator Thomas Libous

LibousLibousTo all those who’ve stood up, raised a hand and took the oath to defend this nation and its constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic: Thank you.

Defending America isn’t glamorous work, and the job doesn’t always come with recognition. We have some outstanding veterans who make our community a better place to live and raise a family, but they all deserve to our thanks.

Some veterans leave the service to start new careers like my friend George Basler of Binghamton, who served in the U.S. Army in Korea during the Vietnam War before beginning a 34-year career in journalism.

Many continue serving their community in different ways, like former enlisted Marine Roger Barnhart, who’s coordinated the Chenango County Toys for Tots program with active duty Marines since 1989.

Other veterans continue to make their service an extension of their civilian career, like Lt. Col. James Glass of Binghamton. As a nurse he’s spent more than four years away from his family since 2003 in Kuwait, Germany and Afghanistan. The same is true for Norwich Police Chief Joseph Angelino, who was wounded twice during three tours of Iraq as a Marine Corps sergeant major.

What ties them together is that our servicemen and women took an oath to protect the rest of us, whatever the cost. If you took that oath, regardless of when you served, whether you served in war or peace, served overseas or stayed in America: Thank you.

There are many more that deserve recognition, that’s why I started, to let local families recognize those who served. Please visit today and help honor the men and women who deserve our thanks.

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