2013-10-08 / Opinion

Commentary: Hospital Building Helps Sidney

Bob McCarthy

In the two years that Amphenol has occupied a portion of Sidney’s hospital complex, they have paid $350,764 in rent as well as $122,566 for fuel that cost $114,944. That netted the Town $8,067.

They have paid $94,546 for electric, which cost $88,172, netting the town $6,374.

This adds up to $365,187 from which $2,500 in increased sewer and water costs must be deducted, which leaves a surplus of $362,687.

We have spent about $400,000 on long-neglected maintenance in the past three years. We replaced nine roofs, rebuilt both boilers and fitted them with dual fuel guns, paved the main driveway and put oil and stone on all of the other paved surfaces, replaced a large air handler, replaced the hot water heater, and replaced and upgraded the alarm systems.

Still to do is the replacement of three roofs that are currently being bid. They will not be replaced until spring because the advertising for asbestos removal will take us into weather that may impair the setting of the adhesives. There will be four more roofs that are still performing left for the future.

Because of the increased revenue from Amphenol, we were able to do this without touching savings, which still total $387,000.

The hospital performs a great service for Sidney and the surrounding areas and can easily be operated profitably with decent management. Any talk of dumping it is uninformed and irresponsible.

Bob McCarthy is the supervisor of the town of Sidney.

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