2012-10-09 / News

Repairing Some Property Damage

In recent articles in The Walton Reporter, which explain that a deteriorating building on Walton’s Delaware Street will be razed by the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC), we referred to the foreclosed building as the former site of Radio Shack. However, the owner of the Radio Shack and Appliance Plus store had previously moved to a new location on Delaware Street, had sold his previous storefront and was no longer the owner of the deteriorating building at the time of its foreclosure.

Similarly, we have been referring to a dilapidated building on St. John Street as the Marlett property, although the Marlett family has not owned the property for decades.

In both instances, we made those references to clarify for our readers which properties were the subjects of business decisions being considered by the village of Walton Board of Trustees. Many times, the properties were identified by the same referred names that we used in the articles during the village business discussions. We apologize if these references have caused confusion for, or harm to the reputations of, individuals or businesses no longer involved with these properties.

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